10 Preschool Projects for Fall and Halloween


Are you looking for some fun new projects to try with your preschooler this fall? Here are our top 10 Preschool Projects for Fall and Halloween.

10 preschool projects for fall and halloween

Preschool aged children are full of energy, have busy inquiring minds and do not like to be kept waiting for too long! Sound familiar? I have pulled together a selection of our personal favourite projects from the blog, which are easy to set up and guaranteed to keep your preschooler engaged for a little while at least this autumn.

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10 Preschool Preschool Projects for Fall and Halloween

1. Bubble Painting

autumn bubble painting with a preschooler

My preschooler loves Bubble Painting!  Use autumn inspired paint colours and get busy creating autumn trees and animals with your preschooler. This activity is guaranteed to provide lots of giggling bubbly fun.

2. Owl Shape Collage

autumn owl shape collage for preschoolers

Cut out different coloured shapes from red, yellow and orange paper, then add some googly eyes to the table and get busy with your preschooler and help them to make an Owl Shape Collage.

3. Little Miss Muffet Bouncing Spider Craft

bouncing spider craft for preschool

Create this cute Little Miss Muffet inspired Bouncing Spider craft with your preschooler and watch them work out how to make it bounce.

4. Invitation to make Incy Wincy Spider


Mix up your own play dough and invite your preschooler to make a spider! Ideal for Halloween or to do alongside the nursery rhyme Incy Wincy Spider.

5. Bubbling Witches Brew

witches bubbling brew for halloween

Will your preschooler dare to put their hands into our Witches Bubbling Brew to pull out the very special ingredients hidden under the bubbles?

6. Q-tip Decorated Painted Pumpkins

painting pumpkins with qtips

Use potatoes to stamp out some Pumpkins and then work those fine motor skills using q-tips to add their funny faces.

7. Giant Collaborative Autumn Tree

giant collaborative autumn tree for siblings to work on together

This project to create a giant autumn tree collage is perfect for your preschooler to work on with their siblings or a group of friends on a play date.

8. Bubble Wrap Monsters

bubble wrap painted monsters for preschoolers

We love using Bubble Wrap in our activities over here at Crafty Kids at Home. We recently shared our love of painting with it over on The Train Drivers’ Wife with our Bubble Wrap Monsters.

9. Invitation to make Monsters

invitation to make monsters using fuzzy felt

Do you remember playing with Fuzzy Felt as a kid? You can make your own from a few sheets of felt and then invite your preschooler to make some monsters using the different shapes and colours provided.

10. Fine Motor Leaves

autumn leaves fine motor sensory bin

Gather some leaves on a nature walk, place them into a large tub and then explore them with kitchen utensils in this Fine Motor Leaves Sensory Bin which we shared over on Pre-K pages.

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