10 Cool Snowman Activities for Kids (no snow required!)


Snow isn’t the only way to build a snowman. If you don’t have access to the cold stuff, raid your craft supplies instead and paint or make your own snowman. Whilst you keep warm and cosy inside.

10 cool snowman crafts for kids

Snow is not something that my kids have had much experience of yet. I’m pretty sure only my eldest son has seen enough to ride a sledge on. And he is definitely the only one of my kids to have built a snowman outside.

Some would say that they are lucky not to have experienced such adverse weather conditions yet, but I feel a little sad for them. Nothing can beat the childhood adrenaline of racing down a hill at top side on your sledge, with your Dad clinging onto you to stop you from flying off into the cold wet snow. Or the accomplishment of rolling a tiny ball of snow around and around until you have enough to turn it into a snowman’s body. It had to be a carrot for the nose and coal from our bunker for the eyes and mouth.

What about you? Did you add on one of your Dad’s caps or Grannies scarves as well?

We haven’t seen any snow yet this winter over on the East coast of Ireland (just lots of the other cold wet stuff and winds like you wouldn’t believe!).  The forecasters don’t see any on the horizon, so it looks like my kids will have to be content with another year of making their snowmen indoors.

Snowman Activities for Kid’s

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Here are a just few ideas for snowman activities, that we have gathered together for you to try out.

collage 1

Make super soft white  play dough and pop it into the fridge before you play and then you will be all set to make your own Snow Dough Snowmen.

Have fun Cutting out your own Snowmen.

Transform TP Rolls into Snowmen with a little help from some cotton wool and googly eyes.

Put on a puppet show with these Snowman Finger Puppets.

Brighten up the winter gloom with these DIY Snowman Luminaries.

Have a go at sewing your own snowman.


Fill a busy bag with all you need to build a felt Snowman.

Mix up this Shiver Snow Paint and paint your own Snowman.

Make a Bubble Wrap Snow Globe.

Create a Snowman Collage using different textures.

Upcycle a sock into Olaf.

For even more Snow filled fun pop over and see how we made these cool Bubble Wrap Snowflakes.

Bubble Wrap Snowflake Art Project for Kids

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