Brilliant Bubble Wrap Crafts for Kids


Do you love to use ordinary house-hold materials in your activities? Have you tried using Bubble Wrap? It is is our all-time favourite junk art material. Some of our best (and most popular) posts on the blog so far have been Bubble Wrap Crafts.  It’s perfect to use in kids arts and crafts activities and it is surprising how many different use you can find for it.

Brilliant Bubble Wrap Activities for Kids


We have crafted with it, painted on it, painted with it and pressed it into salt dough decorations. Then we always have fun with a good old popping session at the end each of our activities! This can be as fun as doing the actual activity (for kids and adults!).

Next time you are thinking of throwing bubble wrap away, move away from the bin and try one of the activities listed below with it instead. I have included a selection of our own activities and lots more lovely bubbly ideas from some of the best bloggers around. Which one will you try first?

12 Brilliant Bubble Wrap Crafts

To get you started with your love affair for bubble wrap crafts I have picked out some of our personal favourites.

Bubble Crafts for Kids jellyfish

Our Bubble Wrap Jellyfish sprung from the imagination of my 5 year old son after a trip to our local Sealife Centre. It has been out most popular project to date on the blog and it is still hanging on our wall now a year later.

Bubble Wrap Crafts Ice Creams

Our latest Bubble Wrap craft is a set of printed Ice-Creams.

 Let the kids loose to let off some steam with a spot of Bubblewrap Stomp Painting from Mess for Less (Is it wrong that I want to have a go at this as well?!?)
 My son loves to create rainbows and here is a pretty new idea for us to try out! Bubble Wrap Printed Rainbow from I Heart Crafty Things
Bubble Crafts for Kids giraffee
Our Bubble Wrap Giraffes were inspired  after a trip to the zoo. (They are also my favourite animal).
 Bubblewrap Runway Popping from Hands on as we Grow.  Perfect for indoor rainy day play. You could use whatever vehicles you have to hand from cars to tractors or even diggers. I bet you won’t be able to resist joining in!

Buzzzzzzzzzzz! Have fun fingerprinting this Bubblewrap Bee Hive from Crafty Morning
If your kids don’t like to get paint on their hands then this is perfect for them. Printing with Bubblewrap Mits from Teach Preschool
Bubble Crafts for Kids jellyfish tortoise
The perfect pet, it doesn’t eat you out or house and home or need any exercise (or cleaning up after!) Bubblewrap Tortoise from Crafty Kids at Home
This activity includes another one of our favourite sensory ingredients and looks great messy fun. Shaving Foam and Bubblewrap from Picklebums
Bubble Crafts for Kids spring lambs
We’ve painted with it, now paint on it to create our Bubble Wrap Spring Lambs .

Another great activity idea for messy play lovers. This is perfect for my mess loving daugther! Bubblewrap Finger Painting from Childhool 101

What other activities would you add to this list?

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