Indoor Activities for Kids


Too wet to play outside? Need to cool off on a hot day? You or your child is feeling unwell? We have pulled together a list of the BEST Indoor Activities for kids to help you out and keep your kids away from their screens for a while.

Indoor Boredom Busters for Kids

As much as we love to play outside, it is not always possible and we all know what happens when the kids have been stuck inside for too long. They start to get bored and cause mischief, so before this happens you need to step in with one of these indoor activities for kids.

Arts and Crafts

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The ultimate way to entertain kids indoors.

farm arts and crafts square

Indoor Pretend Play

This has to be our favorite way to play indoors. Watch their imaginations come to life in one of these activities:

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Indoor Scavenger Hunts

Sending your kids off on an indoor Scavenger Hunt around the house is a great way for them to let off some steam.

DIY Games and Puzzles

Making up or making your own games indoors is a great way to fill a rainy afternoon:

Indoor STEM Activities

Challenge inquiring minds to explore one of these activities which focus on Science, Engineering and Math.

Books and Reading Nooks

What can be nicer than snuggling up with a good book indoors with your kids when it’s cold and dark outside?

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Free eBook 25+ Kids Painting Ideas

Invitation to Play with…

You provide the materials and then sit back and watch what the kids decide to do with them.

Get Moving

Re-direct that excess energy away from your furniture and towards on of these fun activities to get your kids moving indoors where you want them too.

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 Sensory Play

Calm down cabin fever frustrations with a spot of soothing sensory play.

Junk Modelling

We always have a box of recyclables to hand to pull out on a rainy day. It’s amazing what you can make with your junk!

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