An invitation to decorate…Easter Cards with Kids

decorating easter cards for kids
An invitation to decorate Easter cards
Do you like to make your own Easter cards? Living overseas
from my own family means that the making of and sending of home-made cards for
all holidays and family celebrations is very important to us. It’s a great way
to keep in touch on a regular basis, the perfect way to showcase how the kids
are getting on
with their writing and drawing (very important for grandparents
to see) and provides the perfect opportunity to pop in a few photographs of us
all as well. We do of course keep in touch via email and skype, but I’m still a
big believer in having actual photographs printed out to put up (and very
useful for the grannies to keep in their handbag’s to show off their
grandchildren to their friends!).

Setting up an Invitation to decorate…Easter cards

I love to let the kids have as much input as possible into
the cards they make and send, but sitting down with all 3 of them means that
sometimes we have to try and streamline things a bit, so we can get them all
made in time. Setting up an “Invitation to decorate…” is a good way to do this.
You basically provide them with a selection of different arts and crafts
materials, which you then give them free reign to create their own designs with.

craft supplies
Crafty Supplies



Last week I had set up a simple cookie cutter painting
session after school one day for them to wind down with. I laid out a long
sheet of easel paper across the table, splodged paint onto some paper plates,
laid out chick and lamb cookie cutters and they set to work painting and
stamping all over the paper. Once the paint had dried I then cut around each of
the shapes, as we were going to use as the starting point for our Easter cards
this year.
decorating easter cards
Working away on their cards


I always make sure to lay out enough glue sticks for each of them to cut down on that potential flash point. There can be a few wrangling’s over who gets the “last shiny gem” but generally they are so focused on creating their cards that these types of sessions usually run pretty smoothly.


decorating easter cards
Taking pride in their work
The best thing about doing a activity like this is that even though they
have been given the same supplies to work with, they all manage to put
their own little twist onto the cards and two cards will rarely be the
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