An Invitation to make…5 Golden Rings


On the 5th day of Christmas make these 5 Golden Rings…

12 Days of Christmas 5 golden rings craft for kids

Making Christmas decorations is a fun activity to enjoy with your kids in the run up to the festive season. Whether it is making new ornaments for your Christmas Tree or decorations to hang on the wall, it’s a great excuse to bring out the shiny paint and glitter. Why not treat yourselves to a few mince pies as well.

I prepared the materials for this project ahead of time. This meant I was then able to sit down and oversee the whole activity, without having to dash off to fetch something and come back to find that my toddler had wrecked her brothers projects.

Good planning and preparation is key when setting up an activity for more than one child. My own children are aged 2, 5 and 7 and I try as much as possible to sit us all down to enjoy our activities altogether. Things don’t always run smoothly, but most of the time we manage to fun with our projects. Luckily this project ran really well.

An Invitation to make 5 Golden Rings

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I cut out the centre from five paper plates to use as the base for our five gold rings. I then set out a collection of gold materials to be used to decorate the rings after we had painted them. I laid out:

I then poured gold paint onto some more paper plates; made sure I had enough brushes and had a roll of kitchen towels and packet of wipes of standby.

12 Days of Christmas 5 golden rings craft for kids

The first task for the kids was to paint over the back of the paper-plate rings with gold paint. I did this just with the boys. We then had to leave the plates to dry for half an hour before we could decorate them. Bella would not have understood the need to wait for this part of the activity.
12 Days of Christmas 5 golden rings craft for kids

Once the rings were dry, I let the kids have free reign in decorating them. The kids all had fun searching through and deciding which items to glue onto their rings. The boys had very definite ideas about what they did and didn’t want to include and busily got on with the task in hand.

Bella was fascinated with all of the different materials; she spent a good while just exploring all of the different textures, before picking out a few items that she wanted to glue onto her ring. She really loves gluing and sticking at the moment, so she was well able for this part of the activity.

12 Days of Christmas 5 golden rings craft for kids

We were struggling though to get the gold baubles to stay on with glue, so at my son Liam’s suggestion, we decided instead to hang them inside the ring by punching a hole into the top of the plate and hanging the bauble through it.

12 Days of Christmas 5 golden rings craft for kids

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24 thoughts on “An Invitation to make…5 Golden Rings”

  1. These are lovely, and would make a brilliant centrepiece on a large Christmas dinner table. Great to hear the activities went well for all three kids, and I completely agree that preparation is the key to success! Thanks for linking up to #ChristmasCountdown

  2. What a great idea, I love the plate you put all your crafty bits and pieces on (I shall definitely be looking onto some of those). It sounds lovely having all of your children crafting together. Happy Christmas.

    • Thanks. They had great fun chatting away deciding how they were going to decorate them. It's great for their confidence to give them free reign over an activity from time to time.

    • I only bought this tray recently Amy but it's already turing into a really useful item in our craft cupboard. I can set up all the bits ahead of time and then just bring out the tray and pop in into the middle of the table.

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