Hello Autumn Bubble Painting for Kids

Celebrate the arrival of Autumn with this fun Bubble Painting Activity for kids.
Autumn Bubble Painting for Kids
Autumn in our favourite season. I love all of the changing colours and the freshness in the air after the summer. And the kids love getting back to school after the long summer break (or is that me as well?).
It’s also a great season for kid’s arts and crafts. We couldn’t wait to get started on some autumn tree paintings. Our first activity used one of our favourite ways to paint. Bubble Painting.

Bubble Painting Autumn Trees

Before starting this activity I spent a good few minutes explaining the importance of blowing into the straw and not sucking up the liquid!

I was a bit worried about my 2 year old sucking up the paint during this activity, so we did do this whilst she was having a snooze. Even my 4 year old took a bit of persuasion; he was a bit worried about swallowing the mixture up. We had a practise run though using just water to ensure he had the right technique and once we had done this ok he was happy to carry on with activity, phew!

We have enjoyed bubble painting again since and this time it erupted into something very unexpected (it got very messy!)

The boys sketched out tree trunks using brown crayons whilst I mixed up the paint.

autumn trees bubble painting

I mixed together in separate pots red, yellow and orange paint along with a splash of water and a squidge of washing up liquid. I added a straw into each pot and then set the boys on blowing bubbles to use to paint their autumn tree pictures.

autumn trees bubble painting

Extending the activity

The boys really enjoyed making these pictures and after completing their trees they wanted to carry on blowing bubbles to create even more pictures. Not one to stand in the way of their fun, so we set to work.

My 4 year old son asked me to help him make a ladybird using the red paint and my 6 year old son asked for help to make a butterfly picture. We drew out the outline shapes and the boys blew up some bubbles to fill in the colours.

We then made hedgehogs, owls and an erupting volcano!

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  1. I remember doing bubble painting at school, I got sent to the headmistress for drinking it but it was an accident, I sucked the straw when I took a breath, I'll never forget standing outside that office! #letkidsbekids (sarah from lovinglifewithlittleones)

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