Fun Beach Activities: Make a Collage


Next time you hit the beach, bring along clipboards, paper and glue and create your own collage. We are always looking for fun new beach activities to try and this was a big hit with my kids (it even gave me the chance to read a chapter of a book).

Beach Activities Make a Collage

To make the most of the lovely sunny weather we have been having, we have been taking some of our activities outside. We have already enjoyed a backyard picnic and made miniature fairy gardens outside. And last week we packed up a few basic arts and crafts supplies and headed down to the beach, where I hoped the fresh sea air would inspire my kids to create some cool collages using things they scavenged on the beach.

Beach Activities: Make a Collage

We set up camp by some rocks and I sent the kids off to see what interesting pebbles, shells and driftwood they could find to use in their collages.

They came back with a bucketful of treasures and sat down to create their collages, whilst I had a little read of my book.

Beach Activities Make a Collage 1

Before we came out I had clipped sheets of paper onto a clipboard to give them a nice firm background to work on. I also brought along plastic cups to pour a little glue into and brushes to spread the glue. We often bring our clipboards down to the beach with us as another one of our favourite beach activities is to go on a scavenger hunts, they are also handy if the kids want to do a spot of drawing as well.

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The kids happily worked away designing and then gluing down the pieces for their collages. We used large pebbles to hold down each sheet to let them dry. Thankfully there wasn’t too much sea breeze or this activity could have ended in disaster.

Beach Activities Make a Collage

Liam in particular was proud of his “Boat Collage”.

Beach Activities Make a Collage

After all that creativity they went to let off some steam with a good rock climbing session. But this was cut short, as big black clouds started to roll in and we had to quickly gather together our things and make a dash for it back to our car. We got back just in time as a few minutes later there was a big thunderstorm!

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