Best Kids Activities of 2014


Bubble wrap Jellyish collage
Bubble wrap Jellyfish

Happy New Year!

Today we are looking back at our
best post from 2014. Hosted by Mamasmiles, we have teamed up with a whole bunch
of fantastic kid’s activities bloggers to share our “Best Kids Activities Blog
Posts 2014” with you to entertain, help and hopefully inspire you this New

Bubble wrap Jellyfish Pictures

We have chosen out “Bubble wrap Jellyfish” collage as our
“Best Kids Activity Blog Post” for 2014. This wasn’t our most viewed post, but
it was the activity we are the most proud of. They have been the longest
standing pictures to adorn our playroom walls; they are still displayed even
now, whereas generally I change things around each month to make way for new
pieces of art that we have created.
We made these pictures after a trip to our local sealife
centre, where the kids had been fascinated by the translucent jellyfish gliding
up and down their tank. Pop over to the original post to see how we made them.
This craft activity has also been a big influence over many
of our activities since. We love to use ordinary household items in our arts
and crafts activities and this was our first time using bubble wrap and since
then we have become a little obsessed with it. We have painted with it Bubblewrap Giraffe Pictures; Learnt with it Shape Learning Fun and decorated with it
Bubblewrap Salt Dough Decorations. We are looking forward to finding new ways
to craft with it this year.

Best Kids Activities of 2014

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