25+ Best Kids Activities of 2015


Kick start your new year activity schedule with a look through our list of the Best Kids Activities of 2015, from the very best kids activities bloggers.

Over here at Crafty Kids at Home our most popular post was “Tape Resist Sponge Art”.  This activity combined our love for sponge painting, with our new found passion for Tape Resist Art. Combine the two activities and you have a fun new project suitable for kids of all ages.

tape resist art using sponges

Happy New Year

We are just starting to emerge for our family Christmas cocoon. We have enjoyed a blissful few days holed up together, eating turkey and ham 5 ways, gorging on cake and chocolate, watching my childhood favourite movies together and having the obligatory family fight over how to play the new Christmas board game.

But now it is now time to start thinking about taking down the decorations, finding homes for all of our new toys and getting ready to embrace the New Year.

It is certainly going to take lot of motivation to get back into our normal routines, once the kids head back to school in a few days time!

Plus there are going to be lots of long dull January afternoons to fill. So whilst we are all easing back into our routines, we’ve taken the hard work out of deciding how to amuse your little ones after school, with a look back at the best kids activities from 2015 for you to try with your kids.

A New Way to Enjoy Tape Resist Art

Here is a quick look back at our most popular craft post on Crafty Kids at Home in 2015.


  • Canvas Paper or Canvas Block
  • Masking Tape
  • Sponges
  • Red, yellow and blue paint
  • Warm water and towels on standby.


  1. Tear of strips of masking tape and stick them over a sheet of canvas in a random fashion.
  2. Dip a sponge into paint and dab all over the canvas. Do not worry if paint goes over the tape as well.
  3. Leave to completely dry.
  4. Carefully peel away the masking tape to reveal your colourful painting.

We have enjoyed doing this activity several times now, but I will never forget the first time that I did this activity with my 3 year old daughter. She took the activity in a whole new direction of her own.

She began by very carefully selecting each individual colour of paint and gently dabbing it over the canvas.

But before long she was giving the paint a vigorous mix together to make the preschool colour favourite “Muddy Green”. She slapped this over the canvas with her little sponges before tossing them to one side in favour of using her hands instead.

Now this isn’t the first time that Bella has got so “hands in” with a painting activity, so I have learnt to always have a bowl of warm soapy water to hand to cut down on the potential risk to my walls and furniture.

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