Big Outside Art


Have fun getting messy in the garden with this big outside art activity.

big outside art for kids

We had great fun out in our back garden tackling some big outside art. My sons have wanted to get messy with some foot print painting ever since seeing this fab post from Our Little House in the Country . We decided to use an old bed sheet as our canvas to give my 3 children even more room to express themselves.


We started off by laying the sheet out on the grass. Then the kids took turns in getting their feet painted. This involved lots of giggling, as the brush was tickling their feet. They then happily stomped footprints all over the sheet.


My eldest son asked if he could have his hands painted as well and of course his younger siblings didn’t want to miss out. So they joined in and they all merrily started to slap down handprints onto the sheet as well. By this time they were really getting into the activity and they had got bored of waiting for me to paint their hands and feet, so they just got stuck in themselves with the paint and brushes leading to even more giggling.

 big outside art
 The activity then got even messier when my eldest son decided it would be fun to cartwheel across the sheet. To make his handprints even better he told me1 This was great until his little sister then decided to show of her forward roll skills right across the now heavily painted sheet! She had lovely green streaks all over her face and in her hair, but she was having such a lovely time it seemed a shame to stop them at this point.
 big outside art


I had laid out a few different brushes and tubes to stamp onto the sheet as well but they weren’t interested in using any of these things very much. They just wanted to keep painting their hands and feet and stamping them all over the sheet. My 4 year old kept telling me how much fun he was having, so I just let them get on with it. He also asked if he could have the sheet on his bed that night, but I had to draw the line on that one.

 When it came to the big clean-up operation, I brought out a washing up bowl filled with soapy water and got them all to wash their hands and feet outside to save bringing the paint into the house. This worked a treat and they had great fun doing this as well. Then seeing as it was such a lovely warm day, we decided to get the paddling pool out to soak of any bits of paint that we had missed.
  big outside art
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  1. What a fab activity, lots of fun for all! We live in a 4th floor flat but planning on moving by the end of the year to somewhere with a garden, can't wait to play outdoors at home x

  2. Oh wow, this looks like so much fun! We don't have a garden; I would love to be able to do this sort of thing with S, she'd love it!
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