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Here is a full list with links to all of the articles Multicraftingmmmy has had published elsewhere on the Internet:

September 2014

Autumn Issue of Visit from the Stork magazine – articles about Fireworks Arts and Crafts and Spooky Spider Buns


 August 2014

Nature Walk – Painting with Flowers – Guest Post for Mommy Loves Trees


Back to School – Name Writing Activities – MumRx

Googly Eye Number Bunting – Visit from the Stork website

  Small World Sensory Play – MumRx

 July 2014

Recycled Paper Art – MumRx

How to make a Crab picture – MumRx

Dinosaur story craft – featured on Tami Lund’s blog – July 2014

Canada Day Kids Arts and Crafts – MumRx

Outdoor Arts and Crafts – Visit from the Stork magazine

Summer Play-dough Fun – Visit from the Stork website

June 2014

World Cup Arts and Crafts – Visit From the Stork website
Bubble-wrap printing Octopus – MumRx

Make a Miniature Garden – MumRx


Summer Sunflower Pictures  – Bella Craft Quarterly Blog – June 2014



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