DIY Easter Cards from Recyclables


Making and sending home made cards to friends and family overseas at Easter, is a great activity to help kids stay connected to them.  Try our fun Bubble wrap activity with your kids and create some Easter cards to send this year.

bubble wrap activity easter basket card


We love any excuse to make a home-made card and as Easter is fast approaching, we decided to get a head start on our Easter Cards.

My family live in the UK, so sending over home-made cards is a great way for my kids to keep in touch with them on a regular basis and to keep my family going until our next visit over. My granny’s in particular love to receive them and they take pride of place on their fridge or mantle.

Making cards is a great way to get all of your children involved in a craft activity and that is what we are all about over here at Crafty Kids at Home.

Bubble Wrap Activity: DIY Recycled Easter Cards for Kids

We got a bit carried away with our colourful Rainbow Bubble Wrap printing recently (when my kids are having fun, I hate to step in and break up the party). I don’t like to waste any of their hard work, so we decided to re-use some of them in a new bubble wrap activity and turned them into Easter Eggs to fill our Easter Basket on the front of some of our cards.


  • Bubble Wrap Rainbow Prints
  • Brown Paper Bag
  • Black Sharpie
  • Glue
  • White Card

Ahead of the activity

Cut out a small Easter Egg shapes from the bubble wrap rainbow prints.

Cut out an Easter Basket shape from the brown paper bag.

Encourage your kids to help you out with these tasks if they can. My boys love to cut things out, but my daughter is only 3 and is not very confident with scissors yet.

How to make a Recycled Easter Basket Cards

Fold a sheet of white card in half

Glue the eggs into the centre of the card.

Add an Easter message onto the front of the basket if you wish.

Glue the Easter basket over the bubble wrap printed Easter eggs.

bubble wrap activity easter basket card

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