Roll a Bubble Wrap Rainbow


Our latest Bubble Wrap Activity: Roll a Bubble Wrap Rainbow is the perfect project to get all of your kids working together this Spring.  We are gearing up for St Patrick’s Day as well over here, so we added on our very own little pot of god (just in case the boys don’t manage to catch a Leprechaun in their traps!).

bubble wrap activity for kids roll a rainbow


I love to get all three of my children involved in as many of our arts and crafts projects as possible. This is not without it challenges, but with good prepration (and timing) it can be a lovely bonding exercise for them all and a lovely way to fill an afternoon in the school holidays.

All three of my children are big rainbow fans. They get so excited if we see one when we are out an about and are always eager to go in search of the “treasure at the end of the rainbow”.  We have them spent many an hour “digging for treasure” down on our local beach, as the boys are convinced that this is where the Leprechauns hide the treasure when they beat us to it.

Bubble Wrap Activity for Kids: Roll a Rainbow


  • Bubble wrap
  • Rolling pins
  • Red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple pain
  • Paper plates
  • Black and gold pastels or crayons
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue
  • Paper

Ahead of the Activity

Cover your rolling pins with bubble wrap and load up your paper plates with the paint. I managed to find 3 rolling pins in our play dough supplies, so that they could all get rolling the rainbow together. We then picked 6 colours for our rainbow, so that they coud take charge of two each.

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bubble wrap activities roll a bubble wrap rainbow

Roll a Rainbow Bubble Wrap Activity for Kids

  1. Cover the bubble wrap covered rolling pin in the paint and roll all over a sheet of paper.
  2. Repeat for each colour of your rainbow. Leave to dry.
  3. Fluffy Cloud – cut out a cloud shaped template and glue cotton balls all over it.
  4. Pot o’gold – snip the top from a small paper plate and colour all over with a black pastel or crayon.
  5. Gold Coins – cut out circle templates and colour in with gold and yellow pastels or crayons.
  6. Cut out rainbow arches from the bubble prints and assemble your collage.bubble wrap activities roll a bubble wrap rainbow They all worked well together to create the colourful bubble wrap prints for their collaborative rainbow and divdided the rest of the tasks without too much fuss (this isn’t always the case). Once they were dry I then took charge of cutting out assembling the rainbow before the kids added on the finishing touches.

bubble wrap activities for kids square

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