Bubble Wrap Autumn Trees for Pretend Play


Tired of the same old Cardboard Trees? Add a quirky twist to an autumn themed pretend play activity with our Bubble Wrap Autumn Trees.

Bubble wrap autumn trees for pretend play

Imaginative Play is big news around here, which is just fantastic. My kids love to escape into a world of make believe when they dress up, put on shows, set up their own cafes and play with Small Worlds.

We always have a steady supply of bubble wrap in our craft cupboard (thank goodness for online shopping when you have 3 kids), so I decided it was time that we used this in a new Pretend Play arts and crafts activity.

There is inspiration all around us now that we are deep into Autumn. The leaves are making their annual colour show, changing from green to gorgeous shades of red, yellow and brown. How could we not celebrate them in an activity right now.

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How to make Bubble Wrap Autumn Trees for Pretend Play

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Ahead of the Activity

  1. Load up 3 x paper plates with red, orange and yellow paint.
  2. Secure a square of bubble wrap over the end of each TP roll with an elastic band.

Encourage your child to dip each of the bubble wrap stamps into the 3 different coloured paints and print them over their tree top templates.

An autumn themed painting activity provides the perfect time to chat to your child about the different colours associated with autumn.

Leave the tree tops to dry, remove the bubble wrap from the TP rolls and paint them with the brown paint. These will form the tree trunks.

making bubble wrap autumn trees

Once the TP rolls are dry make a small snip down each side of the tube and slot the tree tops into place.

How to use your Bubble Wrap Autumn Trees in Pretend Play

Once dry they were swiftly added to a seed filled with Bird Seed. You might see a few Dinosaurs in there as well. My daughter is mad for them right now and they have to dive into as many of our activities as possible.

She spent a happy half hour scooping and pouring the seed and roaring around the tray with her Dinosaurs. Yes, a bit of bird seed did end up on the floor, but she did help to clean it up (well help is one word for it!).

bubble wrap autumn trees for pretend play dinosaurs

We are also planning to use them in a:

  • Farm Small World.
  • My Little Pony Small World.
  • Autumn Sensory Bin.
  • Puppet Show.

We also love these Easy Cardboard Trees for Small World Play from Little Worlds Big Adventures.

What other ideas do you have?

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