Bubble-wrap Giraffe Paintings for kids to make

We LOVE giraffes in our house and after a recent trip to the Zoo, we just had to make some with our favourite Junk Art material Bubble Wrap and make some cool Giraffe Paintings.
Bubble Wrap Activites for Kids Giraffe Paintings

We enjoyed a trip to Dublin Zoo just before we went away on our holidays last week.  My mum was over for a few days and we hadn’t been to Dublin Zoo with her before. It seemed the perfect time to go as the Zoo had recently welcomed some new baby animals.

There was a baby giraffe, a baby elephant, a lion cub and a baby chimpanzee which had all been born in the last few months. We were lucky enough to see all of the new zoo babies during our visit. We were especially looking forward to seeing the baby giraffe as giraffes are one of our favourite animals and he didn’t disappoint. When we arrived at the “African Savannah” area at Dublin Zoo we got very close to one of the adult giraffes.  The baby giraffe was a bit further away but the kids were still delighted to see him.

We love to base some of our arts and crafts activities around what we have been doing as a family. The day after our trip to the Zoo we decided we wanted to create some zoo animal art.  We hadn’t tackled giraffe pictures for a while, so we thought we’d have a go at some giraffe art in celebration of the new baby giraffe that we had seen.

Bubble Wrap Activities for Kids: Bubble Wrap Giraffe Paintings

We love to use bubblewrap in our activities and I thought it would be brilliant used over yellow and orange paper to create the patchwork coat of a giraffe.

I cut out a giraffe shape for each of my kids and we set to work.

We attached the bubble-wrap around a rolling pin.

We then poured some brown paint onto a paper plate and rolled the bubble wrap covered rolling pin through the paint.

We then tested the rolling pin out on a spare piece of paper to see how much pressure was needed to get a good pattern onto the giraffe.  We discovered the gentler the roll the better the impression.

Bubble Wrap Activites for Kids Giraffe Paintings


Bubble Wrap Activites for Kids Giraffe Paintings

The boys decided then wanted to paint trees for their giraffes to eat.  They had been fascinated watching the giraffes as the zoo stripping the leaves off the trees in their enclosure.

Bubble Wrap Activites for Kids Giraffe Paintings

They set to work using brushes and brown paint for the trunk and branches and corks and green paint to print the leaves. We then attached the giraffes onto the paper with some glue.
 Bubble Wrap Activites for Kids Giraffe Paintings

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  1. This is great! What an awesome idea for a picture! My daughter is really into giraffes at the moment, I might give this a go with her
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  2. This is so nice.. I can get my kids to work together… my eldest can make the giraffe… he is six and the two year old can help with the bubble wrap! I am always looking for stuff for them to do together! 🙂 pinning.

  3. This looks like such a fun activity! Brilliant idea with the bubble wrap. I can't wait to give it a try with my boys!
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  4. great idea. It's good when you can extend an activity/trip by doing some arts/crafts with the same theme. I love the giraffe pictures.
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