Bubble Wrap Activity for Kids Spring Lambs Craft

February 1st marks the first day of spring over here in Ireland and our garden certainly seems to be in agreement with this. It is still very cold, but we have got a few green shoots appearing above the garden now. These little shots not only signify new life in our garden, but also better weather ahead after a long chilly winter. Regular readers will know that we love to use everyday items in our arts and crafts and we especially like coming up with new bubble wrap activities. The bubbly texture of the bubble wrap was the perfect material in our “Making Box” to create the bobbly wool of our little spring lambs.
Bubble Wrap Activity Spring Lambs Craft

The boys started their spring themed work in school last week. Freddie came home on Friday, full of chatter about “St Brigid bringing spring on Sunday” along with a lovely picture of a woolly spring lamb and a picture detailing the life cycle of the daffodil.

He also brought an actual daffodil home with him, that he had planted in school. However, it is in need of lots of TLC if we are going to get it to bloom anytime soon. It’s such a shame for him, as half the class brought out lovely blooming flowers. I don’t think Freddie’s has been in too favourable a spot in the classroom. We’ll try our best though to revive though.

Growing up in a strong farming district, we would always be excited about looking out for the first new spring lambs out in the fields. Memories of this provided the inspiration for our first spring craft of the new season on the blog.

Bubble Wrap Activity: Recycled Spring Lambs Craft


  • Bubble Wrap
  • Cardboard
  • Blue, green,white and black paint
  • Paper plates
  • Black pipe cleaner
  • Scissors and glue

How to make a Bubble Wrap Spring Lamb

Take a sheet of white paper and paint on a blue sky and green field. Leave to dry.

Glue a sheet of bubble wrap onto some corruatged card (an old delivery box is ideal). Use a market to trace the outline of a lamb’s woolly back and cut this out using sharp scirrors. This is best done by an adult.

Paint over the bubbe wrap with white paint.

Cover a paper plate with black paint.

Once dried cut out a circle for the head and cut out four legs from the edge of the plate.

Curl a piece of black pipe cleaner around a pencil to make the lambs curly tail.

Glue the lamb onto the painted background and finish off with a googly eye.

Bubble Wrap Activity Spring Lambs Craft

The kids all worked really well together on this activity and they were very pleased with their results. Bella was especially proud of painted hands and arms. Painting with Bella though wouldn’t be the same though, if she didn’t end up with more paint on herself than she did on the paper!

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  1. Fab idea. Your lambs all look great and I think it's obligatory for little ones to end up with loads of paint on themselves 😉
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

    • If she doesn't end up covered in paint Karen then i know she hasn't enjoyed the activity! There only little for such a short time so i m trying to embrace the mess for now!

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