Bubble wrap Tortoise

bubble wrap tortoise
Bubble wrap Tortoise

We are delighted to be taking part in Best Toys for Toddlers 60 Day #junkplay challenge.  Today is the turn of bubble wrap, which is one of our favourite junk materials to craft with. It is such a versatile material to work with in kid’s arts and crafts projects. We have already used it to make
some cool jellyfish pictures, painted and printed it to make our favourite animal the giraffe, used it to learn about different shapes and pressed it into salt dough to create a quirky effect over it. And there’s always fun to had popping the bubbles on the left over bubble wrap at the end of your activity!

This bubble wrap activity was inspired by my eldest son whose favourite book is Esio Trot by Roald Dahl. For those of you who don’t speak tortoise, Esio Trot is tortoise spelt backwards.

How to make a bubble wrap tortoise

You will need:
Paper plate
Bubble wrap
Green paint
Googly eyes
Glue/sticky tape

1.  Place the paper plate over the bubble wrap and draw around it using a marker. Then carefully cut this out using sharp scissors. Bubble wrap can be tricky to cut out so this is best done by an adult.

2.  Glue the circle of bubble wrap on top of the paper plate.

3.  Paint over the bubble wrap with green paint.

4.  Whilst this dries cut out shapes using the cardboard to make the tortoises head, legs and tail.

5.  When the paint is dry tape or glue the tail, arms and legs on to the back of the paper plate.

6.  To finish off the face add on a googly eye and a smile with a black marker.

7.  Optional – create a little home for your tortoise to live in using an empty cardboard box and stuff it with newspaper.

We are always looking for new ways to include bubble wrap into our arts and crafts activities, so we are really looking forward to seeing what other bubble wrap ideas the other participants in this challenge come up with.

What is your favourite way to craft with bubble wrap?

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  1. I love the idea of using junk to do crafts with the kids and this turtle is adorable! I'm going to add this one to my arsenal. My kids would love this! Thank you for the idea.

  2. Love this! We did something similar this week with a sea turtle but the bubble wrap on yours is a great idea! Thanks for joining in with Tuesday Tutorials #pintorials

  3. Lucas says – I love bubble wrap and apart from popping it, I never thought to use it in my crafts. This is a very cool tortoise!! Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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