Cat in the Hat CVC Word Building


Get ready for Dr Seuss Day on March 2nd with this sensory based literacy activity perfect for Kindergarten aged kids. Use the Cat in the Hat to help build and decode CVC Words. 

Cat in the Hat CVC Word Building for Dr Seuss Week

It’s all about building and decoding CVC Words (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) for my daughters Kindergarten homework this term. To help make this a bit more interesting for her, I have been setting up themed CVC Word Activities for her to play with after her post-school snack  (attempt homework on an empty stomach at your peril!).

Dr Seuss Day is coming up, so we decided on a Cat in the Hat theme for one of our homework helping activities this week. We couldn’t resist adding in Thing 1 and Thing 2 as well.

Cat in the Hat CVC Word Building

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Cat in the Hat Dr Seuss themed Sensory Tray

Ahead of the Activity

I placed rice into two separate zip-loc bags. Adding red paint to one and white paint to the other. I shook the bags until all of the rice was covered in paint and then poured it onto a tray to dry.

I made Thing 1 and Thing 2 by simply attaching a blue feather and two googly eyes to red popsicle sticks. And finished off their faces with a black marker pen.

Finally I wrote out the letters we were practicing onto red (consonants)  and white (vowels)  paper.

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Building and Decoding CVC Words

We took out Bella’s weekly CVC Word List and started at the top, building H-O-P by stacking the red and white letter cards in the shape of the Cat’s Hat.

Building and decoding CVC words

It was then time to decode the word with a little help from Thing 1 and Thing 2. We used the popsicle stick markers to help focus on each of the individual sounds to be blended together to read the word out loud.

Cat in the Hat CVC Literacy Activity

To reinforce the word further, Bella then used Thing 1 and Thing 2 to trace the letters out in her sensory rice writing tray. Adding a sensory play element to an after school homework activity, is a great way to provide a calming dimension, after a busy day at school. 

Cat in the Hat Sensory Writing Tray

We worked our way through her CVC Word list, stopping of course for lots of free play in the rice along the way.

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