20 Fabulous Flower Activities

Fun Flower Activities for Kids of all ages.

20 Fun Flower Activities to enjoy with your children. Our list is full of ideas for making, painting, exploring and learning with flowers of all shapes and sizes. Taken from our own archives and sourced from our favourite bloggers from around the world. Which one will you try first? 20 Kids Flower Activities Take a … Read more

Activities to get Kids excited about Gardening

Before having kids gardening wasn’t even on my radar. Despite growing up on a vegetable farm, it certainly didn’t leave me with any green fingers. I struggled to keep a house plant alive when I left home! But having kids tends to change your perspective on many things and gardening has been one of them. … Read more

Mary Mary Miniature Gardens

Did you enjoy making miniature gardens when you were a kid? They are a great activity to get your kids outside and interested in gardening. So head outdoors singing “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary” and see how your garden is growing. This week on Rhyme Time we are sharing activities about the nursery rhyme “Mary, Mary Quite … Read more