Up-Cycled Christmas Thank You Cards

Kid-made Thank You Cards

Don’t throw away your used Christmas Cards, Christmas Crackers and Christmas Wrapping Paper just yet. Instead use some to add a unique design to your DIY Christmas Thank You Cards this year.  Our Christmas Holidays will soon be coming to a close. It’s been fun, but we are all starting to crave our normal routines … Read more

Making Christmas Lights Patterns

Painting Christmas Lights is a classic Christmas activity. But instead of painting some this year, we have put them to good use in a simple Maths activity to reinforce the concept of making and carrying on patterns. Kindergarten Maths: Making Patterns Earlier this week I was helping Bella and her classmates to make patterns with … Read more

Treat Your Teacher with a Feast for the Senses Gift from Crabtree & Evelyn

Treat your teacher to a gift from the Feast for the Senses range from Crabtree & Evelyn

Say thank you to your child’s teacher with a  special treat from the fabulous Crabtree & Evelyn Feast for the Senses Christmas gift collection. They sure do put the hours in with our kids throughout the year, so it’s nice to give something back to them before everybody heads off for the long-awaited Christmas Holidays. … Read more

Bubble Wrap Santa Craft

Bubble Wrap Santa Christmas Craft for Kids

Add a quirky new twist to a class Cardboard Tube Santa Craft. Make his beard from Bubble Wrap.  Big brother was building his birthday Lego. So to  help distract little brother and little sister from their birthday envy (and to give big brother a rare bit of peace and quiet), we set to work on … Read more

Christmas Tree Cards Made By Kids For Kids

It can seem like a lot of work making Christmas cards for the whole class.  But with good planning and realistic expectations, it is totally achievable. It’s also a great way to fill a few cold after-school afternoons, when you are all stuck indoors. Making your own Christmas Cards When you are only 4 years … Read more