Preschool Fine Motor Fun for the Christmas Holidays


Add a festive twist to your preschoolers fine motor activities in the run up to the Holidays. We all might be craving a break this Christmas, but our Preschoolers don’t want to waste time lounging around, they need to be kept busy. Our pick of Christmas Fine Motor Skills Activities for Preschoolers are all easy to set up, so you can sit back and relax, as they happily play and learn.

preschool fine motor fun for the christmas holidays

Fine Motor Fun – Christmas Spiced Salt Tray

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Add the delicious scents of Christmas to your preschoolers salt tray for some festive mark making fun. Shake cinnamon, ginger and mixed spice into a tub of salt and give it a good shake together, before pouring it out into a deep tray. Then what better way is there to make marks, than with a candy cane.

fine motor skills christmas salt tray

Encourage your preschooler to mark out letters, numbers or shapes in their tray or just let them have fun seeing what pictures they can come up with. Bella drew a lovely picture of Santa in her tray.

Fine Motor Fun – Christmas Cutting Tray

Developing good scissor skills plays an important role in strengthening your preschoolers fine motor skills. Bella has been a little reluctant to pick up her scissors, so I set up an activity for her to do alongside her big brothers to encourage her along.

I filled our large tuff tray with all different shapes, sizes and colours of Christmas themed paper and 3 pairs of scissors. The boys had fun together exploring and cutting up the paper and after a few minutes Bella was keen to join in with them. I was on hand as well to help her along when she was struggling.

fine motor skills for preschoolers christmas cutting tray

We now have lots of lovely bits of paper to make a big Christmas Collage.

Fine Motor Fun – Making Paper Chains

Paper chains are easy to make and are a very frugal way to add lots and lots of colour to your home at Christmas. You can buy packs filled with strips of paper chains all ready to go or you can cut up your own strips of paper to use (which makes it another great scissor skills exercise as well).

fine motor skills paper chains

Bella did need a bit of help with folding the chains together to begin with, but once she got the technique she was very happy with her achievements.

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Fine Motor Fun – Setting up a Christmas Wrapping Station

Have fun wrapping pretend “presents” together with our final fine motor skills activity for preschoolers. Save up some small boxes and cut out sheets of wrapping paper for your child to have a go at wrapping around the boxes.

fine motor skills wrapping station

We used washi tape to stick them together. This is very easy for your preschooler to cut with scissors or even tear off strips.

More Preschool Christmas Activities for Preschoolers

Invitation to make Play Dough Gingerbread MenĀ 

Invitation to decorate Peppermint Play Dough Christmas Trees

Bake Delicious Spiced Gingerbread Cookies

Make a simple Bubble Wrap Holly Wreath.

Break out your washi tape and make some Christmas Bauble Christmas Cards.

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