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Pre-K Pages

Fall Leaves Fine Motor Play  – Set up a Sensory Bin filled with leaves and kitchen utensils to introduce the first signs of autumn to your pre-schooler.

Play Dough Gingerbread Men – Invite your children to make and decorate their own gingerbread men using home made play dough.

New Year’s Eve Party Sensory Bin – Fill a sensory tub with all your little one needs to have their own party before they go to bed on New Year’s Eve.

In the Playroom

Up-cycled Snowman Collage Cards – Turn your Christmas Cards into Thank you cards.

Peppermint Play Dough Christmas Trees – Mix up some home made peppermint infused play dough and turn it into fun Christmas Trees.

 Life Over C’s

Googly Eye Monster Number Match – engage little learners with googly eyes and monsters to work on number recognition.

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