Creative Nature Collages


What is your go-to activity for when you just need to get out with your kids? We love to take a trip to the Woods to collect materials for some Creative Nature Collages.

Creative Nature Collages

You’ve been trapped inside your house all morning. The kids are starting to get restless and you NEED to get them doing something that doesn’t involve wrestling each other, throwing cushions around the room or raiding the cupboards for yet more snacks. Our favourite escape routes is to bundle everybody into the car and head up to the woods for an “Outdoor Adventure.”

On arrival we can follow the path or “go off-roading.” This means stomping through long grass, swerving nettles and splodging through mud. I bet you can guess my kids preferred option?!?

Searching for nature collage materials

A Walk in the Woods

Combining a trip to the woods with a foraging activity for an arts and crafts project is great way motivate the kids to keep going.  We headed up their recently with our empty ice-cream tubs, ready to fill them to the brim with supplies to make creative nature collages back at home.

The mornings fights and squabbles were soon forgotten, as they pulled together to hunt for the best sticks, stones, leaves, flowers and pine cones.

Kids making nature collages inside

Creative Nature Collages

We unloaded our finds onto the kitchen table and set to work deciding what kind of collage to make and which materials to use.

After much chatter and rummaging it soon became apparent that we had a bit of a theme going on. All 3 of my kids started to create their own “Stick Men” and “Stick Ladies”.  Bella was first off the mark adding pink flowers to her Stick Lady.

Making a stick man collage

Liam wanted a dramatic background for his Stick Man to rest on or it could just have been his comfy bed? It depends which minute you asked him! He took his time laying out and rearranging the pieces before committing them to paper with glue.

Getting creative with a nature collage

Freddie went for his favourite scene from Julia Donaldson’s “Stick Man” book.

Stick man creative nature collage

This activity could be repeated again again throughout the year. Each new change in the seasons, will bring new natural materials to light.  All providing your child with the perfect prompts to get their creativity and imaginations working.


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