Creative Summer Boredom Busters


Grow budding imaginations with Pet Stones and Wooden Spoon Puppets this Summer Break.

Creative Summer Boredom Busters for Kids

Are you surviving the Summer Holidays? We are into Week 4 here and so far so good. The weather has been fantastic (only 1 really wet day so far!) so to be honest we haven’t had our arts and crafts out very much. The kids have been more than happy playing outside and I have been enjoying watching them from the sidelines with my cuppa and kindle.

When we have been feeling creative our art tools of choice of have been our new Uniball Chalk and Paint Markers. They come in numerous vibrant colours and my kids LOVE them. They couldn’t believe their luck when I said they could draw all over the windows with the Chalk Markers (making sure to hide the Paint Markers at this point!). The only stipulation was THEY cleaned up after themselves. But their groans quickly subsided when they set to work on the quick and easy clean up operation (they did leave a few smears behind, but they didn’t do too bad a job for a bunch of kids!).

We received a free sample of a selection of these markers in exchange for an honest review of them. 

Painting Pet Stones

We all just want to be outside when the sun is shining, so to get our creative fix we have been taking our arts and crafts down to the beach with us. It’s a great way to while away some extra time down there (I have never read so many books in a summer!) and grow young imaginations.

Making Pet Stones on the Beach

My kids are obsessed with getting a pet right now, but this mamma isn’t ready for one just yet, so I suggested we make some “Pet Stones” instead for them to take care off. So I brought along our Uniball Permanent Paint Markers along with us on a recent trip to the beach. First job was to collect interesting stones and then we sat down to design and paint our Pet Stones using the Paint Markers.

The big advantage to using Paint Markers over normal paint is that they dry pretty much straight away. This meant that as soon as the kids were finished with their painting, they could get on with the all important playing with them.

Wooden Spoon Puppets for Pretend Play

My kids love to put on a show and we have had some classics over the years. I can’t wait to remind of these performances when they are teenagers! We haven’t put on a puppet show for a while, so I challenged the kids to turn wooden spoons into puppets using our Uniball Paint Markers and put on a show for me with them.

Painted Wooden Spoon Puppets

The markers worked really well on the wooden surface. The different colours were easy to apply and came out so bold and vibrant. Again they dried really quickly, so they were able to get straight on with the show. As for the show, well it wasn’t their best but it gave us all a giggle.

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We still have a few more weeks to enjoy before we head back to school, so I’m sure the inevitable wet days ahead will be filled with more imaginative play and painting ideas and hopefully a few more trips to the beach.