Cupcake Liner Silly Monsters


Monsters don’t have to be scary, they can also be very silly. Our Cupcake Liner Silly Monster Craft is perfect for your little monsters to enjoy at Halloween. They also look great on the front of a home-made card.

cupcake liner silly monsters

Halloween is only a few weeks away now, which means it must be time to add some monstrous fun to our arts and crafts activities.

Last Halloween we had lots fun making our fuzzy felt inspired “Invitation to make…Monsters” .

How make Cupcake Liner Silly Monsters

Supplies needed:

  • Coloured cupcake liners
  • Foam circles, feet and hands
  • Lots of googly eyes
  • Dot Stickers
  • Marker Pens
  • Glue

Cupcake liner silly monsters

I loaded up the supplies into a chip and dip tray and then let my kids create their own monsters, using whichever materials they wanted.

Invitation to make activities are easy to set up and are great to really work on your child’s own imagination, rather than relying on you telling them what to do. This will help them to develop their confidence and own creativity.

Each of my 3 children (aged 3, 5 and 7) had their own ideas about how they wanted their monsters to look and they each worked away until they were happy with their results.

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cupake liner silly monsters

I love doing these kinds of activities with my children, as it is great to see what ideas they can come up with themselves. They never fail but to surprise me with their creations and the stories that they make up about them, as they all work and create together.

We are going to put our monsters to good use and glue them onto the front of our Halloween cards that we will be sending to close family and friends. (We love any excuse to make and send cards!)

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