Cute Paper Plate Crab


Cute paper plate crab craft for kids to make this summer.

paper plate crab

One of our favourite places to visit in the summer holidays is our local aquarium. We all love to watch the fish swimming around in their tanks and all 3 of my kids love to get hands on with the different sea creatures in the touch pool. We always leave the Sea Life Centre feeling inspired to create some under the sea art and we created these cute paper plate crabs after a visit last summer.

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How to make a cute paper plate crab picture

You will need (for each crab):

  • ½ a Paper Plate
  • 8 Penne Pasta pieces
  • 2 Shell or Rigatoni Pasta pieces
  • Sand
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Pipe cleaner
  • 2 x Googly Eyes
  • Double sided sticky tape

Here’s what to do:

paper plate crab collage

1. Cut a paper plate in half and paint the top side.
2. Paint 8 penne pasta shapes to use for the legs.
3. Paint 2 rigatoni or shell pasta shapes to use for the claws.
4. Whilst they dry spread glue across the bottom of a piece of paper and sprinkle some sand over it. If you don’t have sand you could use breakfast cereal.
5. Cut 2 pipe-cleaners in half.
6. Glue the painted paper plate onto your paper.
7. Attach the pasta legs using glue or double-sided sticky tape.
8. Attach a piece of pipecleaner either side of the plate for the arms and attach the pasta claws on again using glue or double-sided sticky tape.
9. Attach 2 pieces of pipecleaner at the top of the plate and add on 2 googly eyes.

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The use of pasta and sand on this collage does make it pretty heavy, so make sure to use a strong piece of paper or thin card for your picture. It did get quite messy as well, so this would be an ideal activity to take outside on a sunny day in the summer holidays.

paper plate crabs

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