Dinosaur Painting on Foil


Combine a love of dinosaurs and art in this fun Dinosaur Painting Activity on Foil.

Dinosaur Painting on Foil

We had Bella’s Dinosaur mad and green obsessed friend over to play and I had just the activity to keep them both busy. A spot of Dinosaur Painting on some tinfoil out of the kitchen cupboard, along with lots and lots of green paint.

Quick and simple to set up. It’s just the kind of activity that works well for a playdate or for siblings to do together.

Dinosaur Painting on Foil Action Shot

Dinosaur Painting Supplies

  • Toy Dinosaurs
  • Tin Foil
  • Green Paint
  • Paper Plates

Ahead of the Activity

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Preparation is key when you are planning a play date activity.  I cut out sheets of tin foil and gathered together a herd of toy dinosaurs. (Do dinosaurs even travel in herds?)

I then just had to load up paper plates with lots of green paint, when they were both ready to sit down together for the activity.

Dinosaur Painting on Foil Action Shot

I laid out the supplies. And before too long the pair of them were stomping their chosen dinosaurs into the green paint and stamping it all over the shiny foil sheets.

When you have a pair of 4 year olds and a plateful of green paint, then I suppose it would be odd if they didn’t eventually plunge their hands into? And this is just what this pair of monkey’s did!

Dinosaur Stomp painting messy green hands

Luckily I had a plan. To extend the activity and keep their paint covered hands away from my walls, I brought over a washing up bowl full of warm soapy water for them to wash the dinosaurs (and their hands) in.

Dinosaur Stomp painting washing up

A messy play date is a happy play date.

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