DIY Bird Seed Baubles


DIY Bird Seed Baubles are the perfect Christmas treat for garden birds. Simple to make and a great way for kids to decorate a Christmas Tree in your garden. 

DIY Bird Seed Baubles

Every December we all head outdoors together as a family to decorate a Christmas Tree. Traditionally we have headed up to our local woods with a few spare baubles and hung them along one of our regular walking trails.  This year we just didn’t have the energy for a long hike (it’s been a long period of bugs, coughs and colds around here). Instead we decided to decorate a tree closer to home instead.

You can’t get any closer than outside in your own garden. We decided to combine our outdoor decorations this year, with a special treat for the garden birds. It’s very important to offer birds extra sources of food during the winter months, to help see them through the long cold spells.

How to make DIY Bird Feeder Baubles


  • Strong cardboard
  • Peanut Butter
  • Bird Seed
  • String

Ahead of the Activity

  • I cut out circles of strong cardboard, punched a hole through the top of each one and threaded through string for hanging.
  • Opened up a jar of Peanut Butter and poured bird seed into a dish.

We began by spreading peanut butter over the cardboard baubles. My youngest doing this very sparingly, whereas her older brothers went for the slap as much on as you can approach.

It was then time to sprinkle over bird seed and press it firmly down into the peanut butter. Freddie is NOT a fan of Peanut Butter and he found this part of the activity pretty gross, which his siblings found hilarious. I just hope our garden birds are fans.

We then flipped them over and repeated the process on the other side of each bauble.

Kids making Bird Seed Baubles

By this time we had quite a lot of bird seed covering the table and over the floor, but I tried not to worry about this as headed outdoors to hang our DIY Bird Seed Ornaments on of our garden trees. The kids need a bit of extra practice sweeping up anyway.

We hung our Bird Seed Baubles alongside some shiny shop bought ones as well, to give the tree a bit of Christmas colour.

Outdoor decorated Christmas Tree

Now we are looking forward to watching the birds feasting on their Christmas Treats.

These Baubles are just for birds to eat and under no circumstances should kids or adults have a taste.

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