Easy Easter Baking for Toddlers


A firm favourite from my own childhood, baking Chocolate Easter Nests with my own kids always transports me back to my Granny’s kitchen many Easters ago. Simple to make and delicious to eat, it’s easy to see why they are still a firm Easter baking staple.

Baking Easter Nests with Toddlers

This year my youngest daughter has been having her first go at baking some with me. They are an ideal baking activity to do with toddlers. The simplicity of the ingredients and the method means they can get fully hands on and engaged in the activity from the off. Plus the lure of getting to lick the spoon at the end of the session is always a winner with them as well!

All you need is a block of chocolate and some shredded wheat and you are good to go. We referred to this recipe for the correct measurements.

How to make Chocolate Easter Nests

First job was to break up the chocolate into a heat proof bowl. Bella managed to sneak a piece for herself as well during this task and mummy might have pinched one or two as well. Well there have to be some perks to the job of being head baker in the house! I then placed the bowl into the microwave for 30 second bursts until it had all melted.

Whilst I was dealing with melting the chocolate, Bella had been breaking down the shredded wheat over a large mixing bowl. The larger the bowl the better when baking with toddlers to minimise the loss of ingredients!

I then helped to finish off breaking up the shredded wheat with her and carefully poured the slightly cooled chocolate over it, being mindful not to let Bella anywhere near the hot bowl. We both then got stuck in giving it a good mix up until all of the shredded wheat was coated in chocolate.

I then handed spoons to Bella and myself and we spooned the mixture into a mini muffin tin. Bella took the first spoonful and then I helped direct her to where it needed to go. We were using a mini muffin tin as we were making mini nests to decorate a chocolate cake for Nanna’s birthday.

Baking Easter Nests with Toddlers

Bella did pretty well for a toddler being let loose with a spoonful of chocolate and was happy enough to spoon it into the tin and not into her mouth (well not every time anyway!).

Our nests then needed eggs adding to them and I poured some mini eggs into a dish and we placed one egg into the centre of each of the nests and then luckily we had a couple left over to eat as a reward for all of our efforts.
 baking easter nests with toddlers
I then popped them into the fridge to chill for 2 hours and Bella happily licked the spoon.
Do you enjoy baking with your toddler? What recipes do you enjoy making?

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