Elmer Day Craft for Kids


Celebrate Elmer Day on May 28th with our colorful felt collage that all of your kids can have a go at.

Elmer Day Craft Felt Collage

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Elmer is no ordinary elephant and nor would he want to be. Elmer is a brightly coloured pathwork elephant with a cheeky sense of humour. Author David Mckee wrote the Elmer the Elephant series to help young children all over the world celebrate their own uniqueness.

To celebrate Elmer’s special day I challenged my 3 kids to make their own patchwork Elmer using different coloured felt squares.

Aged 4, 6 and 8 I love to set all three of my kids the same craft challenge and then sit back and watch them put their own unique stamp on it.

A bit like Elmer, arts and crafts projects should not all be done in exactly the same way, each individual project should celebrate their creators individual talents and ideas.

Elmer Day Craft for Kids


  • Felt sheets in different colours
  • Large sheets of paper
  • Lots of glue

Ahead of the Activity

I cut the coloured felt sheets up into individual square shapes like on Elmer’s patchwork body.

I then attempted to trace the outline of Elmer using the picture on the front of the book as a guide. Free drawing is not my strong point but I managed to get 3 almost Elmer like templates drawn.

Making our Elmer Day Craft

Bella was very conservative with her choice of felt squares. I thought she would have loaded on as many as possible, but in fact she was very definite in where she placed each square and once she was happy with it, there was no going back to add on any more.

Elmer Day Craft

Freddie did his best to fill as much as the template as he could. I even lent him my precious fabric scissors, so that he could cut shapes to the right size to go on Elmer’s feet and trunk.

Elmer Day Craft

And Liam…well I couldn’t drag him in from playing football to complete his Elmer. To say he has “Football Fever” would be an understatement! He did make an Elmer Day craft in school though last year year using fabric rags, which in part inspired our craft today, so he still managed to play his part (and his game of football).

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