In Pursuit of the Perfect Christmas Tree


There is nothing quite like the look and smell of a real Christmas Tree. Visiting a Christmas Tree Farm is the perfect way to make sure you get just the tree you are looking for or does it?

A trip to Parkmore Christmas Tree Farm

Making Memories at the Christmas Tree Farm

We set out on our annual trip to Parkmore Christmas Tree Farm with a car filled with happy kids and excited chatter about picking and bringing home our family Christmas tree. What we had forgotten though (as well as the directions on how to get there)  were the family arguments to come, as we painstakingly tried to all agree on which particular Christmas tree to bring home with us.

We seemed to walk for miles up and down rows of Christmas trees of varying shapes and sizes (or maybe it was just our wellies slowing us down). All the time with the threat of imminent rain over head (that’s Ireland for you). Then finally we thought we had found the one…

Family visit to a Christmas tree farm

BUT unfortunately one of our family members didn’t agree. Not wanting to name any names, but a certain middle child seemed to take it personally, when the rest of the family agreed on a Christmas tree that he really didn’t like. When asked he could’t really qualify his dislike for any particular reason, so we took it to mean it was because the rest of us liked it and he wasn’t the one to find it first.

Did it end well?

Ignoring his protests, we staked our claim on the Christmas tree in question. Then proceeded to march back down to the farmer to instruct him to cut it down for us. Well we marched and he trudged, so it took longer than expected to reach our destination. All the while everyone was getting more and more stressed and uttering threats of “never again!”

We finally made it back to the car park and thankfully got our happy ending. The lure of a free bag of sweets and his choice of a free mini Christmas tree (obviously the wonkiest one on offer) soothed middle child’s woes and led to big sighs of relief all around.

We loaded up the Christmas tree’s and set off home with happy thoughts again of decorating our Christmas tree’s when we arrived back home and our trip back to the farm next year of course. Well it wouldn’t be Christmas without a few family disagreements would it?!?

What do you and your family disagree about over the festive season?

Miniature Christmas Tree

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1 thought on “In Pursuit of the Perfect Christmas Tree”

  1. Hi Nicola,
    We also went and bought our real Christmas tree last weekend, at Glenealy Christmas Tree Farm, Co Wicklow. (I posted last week on my blog about all the Christmas tree farms in Ireland that do so-called ‘choose & cut’)
    Different family, similar problems though re choice of tree, etc. Still they really enjoyed cutting the tree themselves with a hand saw, and carrying it back to the netting area.
    Going to look at your 11 Santa crafts for kids now – I need ideas for the rest of the Advent calendar!

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