Awesome Outdoor Finger Painting Recipe


Do your windows need cleaning? If so, then mix up our awesome outdoor finger painting recipe. It doubles up as a fun window soap for kids which clean’s your windows, as they play and create.

Finger Painting Recipe for Kids

Cleaning the windows is my least favourite household chore, so it rarely gets done. Until I came up with a fun way to get my kids involved in the job.

Shaving foam is soap right? So there’s no reason why it can’t be used to soap down windows. Add in a splash of paint and you have a fabulous home-made finger painting recipe to use on your windows, soaping them down as your children paint.

Still not convinced? Then let me show you…

Our Finger Painting Recipe for Cleaning Windows

Whilst the kids knocked down the cobwebs on the windows, I dug out 3 silicone muffin trays. I then squirted a generous dollop of shaving foam into each cup, followed by a squidge of paint. A quick mix together with a spoon and it was ready.

All 3 of my kids enthusiastically loaded up their fingers (and hands!) with their “special window soap” and started to smear it up and down the windows in generous strokes.

Finger Painting Activity for Kids

The boys then began a little colour mixing experiment with their different colored finger paints. They even managed to make a rainbow of colours across their hands at one point.

Once they had covered the windows from top to bottom with their paint, they had the ideal canvas to trace over with their fingers. They wrote their names and drew patterns and pictures with their fingers through their silky smooth paint.

Outdoor Finger Painting Idea for Kids

After you have soaped the windows down, you have to rinse and polish them. So this is what we did next. I gave the windows a quick blast with the hose and handed over sponges and water for the kids to finish off the job. We then just had to dry them off with some kitchen towels before standing back to admire our handy work.

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