Freddie’s Best Banana and Oat Vegan Bites


A delicious lunch box treat or after school snack for hungry kids. A great recipe to bake together and ideal for dairy free and vegan kids (and adults too!)

Oat and Banana Bites Close Up

Summer is now a distant memory and Back to School is what’s it’s all been about this week for us. With the start of the new season comes changes and time for new adventures to begin. We neglected our crafts over the summer break (the weather was just too good to stay indoors!) in favour of lots of baking activities to fill our picnics for when we were out and about. My middle son Freddie is Dairy Intolerant, so it is much more convenient for us to bring snacks out and about with us. It also means that I know what all of my kids are eating and we have had a fun activity baking it together.

Like our crafts, when I bake with the kids I want it to be something really quick and achievable. Kids have short attention spans and constantly rumbling tummies. They don’t want to hang around for too long. Biscuits and buns are our favourite things to bake. You only need to combine a few ingredients to make a delicious treat within the hour.


Freddie is a BIG chocolate fan, which was a huge issue for us when he was initially diagnosed as dairy intolerant. Nobody likes to be deprived of the things they love, especially a young child. But after careful research we found the Moo Free Chocolate range, which has been invaluable in our baking and our treat boxes now for a couple of years.

We were delighted when the guys at Moo Free contacted us about the Moo Free Bake Off using their new Original Organic Baking Drops. We love baking together. We love Chocolate. We are very competitive. So here we go with our entry…

Freddie’s Best Banana & Oat Vegan Bites

This recipe makes approx 24 Biscuit Bites.

You will need:

  • 2 Cups of Oats
  • 1/3 Cup of Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 Cup of Moo Free Original Baking Drops
  • 2-3 Ripe Bananas

Baking Banana and Oat Cookies with Kids

We began by simply pouring 2 cups of oats into our mixing bowl. I like to use cups with the kids as they are quick and easy for them to use. Next up Freddie did a great job mashing the bananas with a fork.

Whilst Freddie was doing this I gently heated the coconut oil in a pan and once melted, added this to the oats and banana mixture. Freddie gave it all a really good stir until all of the mixture was combined. It was starting to smell really delicious at this stage and Freddie was already asking to lick the spoon.

Adding Moo Free Organic Baking Drops to a kids recipe

We saved the best ingredient for last – chocolate! Freddies LOVES chocolate. It’s always his first choice for his birthday cake or if we are baking treats for the weekend.  Freddie measured out the chocolate drops and maybe sneaked a few for himself, but I pretended not to see! He then stirred them through the mixture and then had a little nibble of the spoon.


Oat and Banana Cookies cooling on a rack

We worked together to spoon the mixture into little heaps on two baking trays which we had lined with baking paper. Tip Don’t worry if the mixture feels a bit crumbly at this stage. Just pinch the mixture together loosely with your fingers and once cooked it will all stick together.

Pop them into the oven at pre-heated to 200C for approx 10-12 mins. Remove them from the oven when your kitchen is filled with a delicously coconutty aroma and the biscuits bites have turned a lovely shade of golden brown.

Child eating a Banana and Oat Cookie

Judging Time

Once the cookies had cooled it was time to face our judges, Freddie’s big brother and little sister (who doesn’t believe in being nice for the sake of it!). We all took a bit and the room was soon filled with mmmmm’s of appreciation for our efforts and calls for “Can I have another one?”. Go on then…

Now it’s time to cast your vote! Thank you for your support.

Disclaimer We received 2 x packet of Moo Free Chocolate Drops as a gift for entering this competition.