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Hands up who remembers playing with Fuzzy Felt as a child? It used to be a firm favourite of mine and my little sisters. We’d spend ages sat at the kitchen table with all of the colourful felt pieces laid out making different pictures on our little felt boards. One of my sons received a fuzzy felt kit for his birthday last year but it didn’t really live up to my own memories of it. It included lots of really fiddly little pieces and they all had pre-printed pictures on them. There wasn’t a great mix of colours either and to be honest he’s rarely had it out of the box since. I thought I could do a much better job in making our own and re-creating all of those lovely vibrant colours and different shapes that I remember.

We ve been doing lots of summer themed arts and crafts activities as we are already into our school summer holidays, so I decided to give our home-made fuzzy felt an ice-cream theme. I have a draw full of felt pieces in with my sewing supplies so I used up a few oddments from here to cut out different shaped pieces.

I cut out:

Brown triangles for the cones; Red circles for the raspberry sauce; Pink rectangles for strawberry flavoured ice-cream; Purple squares for blueberry flavoured ice-cream; Brown semi-circles for chocolate flavoured ice-cream; Green diamonds for mint flavoured ice-cream.

 I also put out:

 Pom-poms to use as sweets to decorate the ice-creams; Pipe-cleaners to use for flakes and small scraps of felt to use for sprinkles.

This turned out to be a lovely activity for all of my three children to enjoy together. My sons love to teach their little sister new things so I encouraged them to tell her what each shape was called as they went along and they kept asking her what colour the pieces were. She is very good with her colours so it was a great exercise for re-enforcing these and she is just
starting out with learning shapes, so this was a great introduction for her.

 My boys really put a lot of thought and effort into their ice-cream creations and they sat down with this activity for much longer than I anticipated enjoying this activity together.  They even got it out again later on the same day to make some more.

 My toddler had a good time exploring all of the different pieces and she did manage to stick a good few pieces onto the large sheets of felt which I had laid out for them to use in place of the felt boards.  Inevitably a few pieces did end up on the floor, as she does seem to enter into destructive mode when she tires of an

activity.  She has only just turned 2 though!

I tidied this activity away into a plastic box to bring out again to either make some more ice-creams with, but also to see what other ideas the kids think of for them. I’ll keep you posted.What craft activities have you enjoyed re-creating with yourown children?To keep up-to-date with my new posts and other ideas then please pop over to my Facebook Page Multicraftingmummy.




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  1. Wow…fuzzy felt! That brings back memories! I've found the sets in the shops now are exactly as you said, all over engineered and not that much fun. Love your idea of home made fuzzy felt!

  2. What a great idea. I remember fuzzy felt as a child. We have some now, but it is made up of really small fiddly pieces, not suitable for little ones.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  3. Great idea to make your own, I had it as a child and Nanny has a big box of it at her house that the girls play with when they are there #letkidsbekids (lovinglifewithlittleones)

  4. Such a great idea to make your own fuzzy felt and I love that you've added different materials too. I always think the fuzzy felt you can buy is a little small and fiddly too.

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