Guest Blog for Bella’s Blog – Summer Sunflower Pictures


This year we ve decided to hold a sunflower growing competition
in our garden.  After getting messy
planting out our seeds, we thought it would be a great idea to create some
sunflower pictures.  I m a SAHM to three
children aged 2, 4 and 6 and we love to create arts and crafts activities that
we can all do together.  This can be
quite a challenge with a young toddler, but you can help them along whilst the
older ones are working on their own pieces. The majority of the arts and crafts
we do together as a family are inspired by what we are doing, what we have
around us or places we have visited.
We had done a craft during the Easter holidays, which had
involved using toilet roll tubes dipped into paint to make rabbit pictures. To
make the rabbits ears we had squashed the tube into an oval shape to make the
ear shapes.  I thought this would be
perfect to create sunflower petals.  I
always save empty toilet roll tubes. They are so handing for painting and making
What you will need:
enough empty toilet rolls and strips of corrugated cardboard for each child
doing the craft, white paper, glue, sunflower seeds, yellow paint and green
How me made our
  1. We
    each drew around a dish with a pencil to create the centre of the
  2. Next
    we spread glue into the circle and scattered sunflower seeds from the
    store cupboard over the glue.
  3. We
    each took an empty toilet roll tube and squashed it into an oval shape to
    make the sunflower petals and dipped it into our yellow paint. When using
    paint I like to squeeze out a little of each colour that we need onto a
    paper plate.  This helps to cut down
    on waste and it makes cleaning up at the end of the session very easy.
  4. We
    then printed yellow petals all around the edges of the centre of the

  5. To
    create the stem we took a piece of corrugated card and dipped this into
    green paint before stamping it onto our pictures.  Old delivery boxes are great to cut up
    and hang onto for activities such as this.
  6. We
    took another toilet roll tube and again squashed it into an oval shape,
    but this time dipped it into the green paint to add leaves onto the side
    of the stem to finish of the picture.
  7. We
    then left the pictures to dry and then proudly displayed them.

We are now waiting to see if our own sunflowers which we
planted out will grow into such beautiful blooms as the ones we created in our
own pictures.
This is my first Guest Blog and it is currently featuring on
Bella Crafts Quarterly is a fantastic resource for all kinds of crafts and is well worth a browse.

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