Halloween Pour and Play Potion Station


What powers will your Halloween Potion give you? Pour, scoop, squeeze, mix and whisk your way through our spooky potion making station to find out.

Halloween Potion Making

We can’t walk out of our front door right now, without being scared by a skeleton dangling from a tree or greeted by a giant spider when knocking on a neighbours door. Halloween is just a few days away and excitement levels are rising. Are you all set?

Bella is really starting to get to grips with a pencil now, as we approach her first school mid-term break. To build on the good work she’s been doing in class, I am supporting her at home with lots of fun fine motor skills activities. All of which will help to strengthen the little muscles in here hands and fingers to get them ready for writing full words and sentences as the school year goes on.

Halloween Potion Play

Our Halloween Potion making station is packed full of opportunities to work on fine motor skills and bubbling imaginations.

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After a hectic shopping trip for our Halloween costumes, I was ready for a sit down and a cup of tea and Bella was ready for an activity to get her out of her post-shopping grump. She really doesn’t like shopping right now. So I popped the kettle on and gathered together a few potion making supplies whilst it boiled.

I poured hot water over my tea bag and then filled a bowl with warm water for Bella and added a few drops of purple gel icing coloring to turn it a spooky color before sitting down together.

Child making a pretend potion

She made a dive for the glitter stars and sprinkled them over the dark purple water. This was closely followed by spiders, googly eyes and Halloween confetti. 

She transferred her potion with the help of a jug into a small plastic cup and then passed it over for me to “taste.” It didn’t turn me into a Princess though, so it was back to mixing up another potion.

Close up of a child's Halloween potion

“Can we make it bubbly?”

She is a little obsessed with bubbles , so I was happy to oblige with a squidge of dish soap and a straw for her to blow into to, to create bubbles in her next potion.

blowing bubbles into a Halloween Potion

Sadly this potion didn’t turn me into a Princess either. But I did manage to drink a whole cup of tea and have a nice sit down, so I would say that it was a pretty successful potion making activity after all.


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