Spooky Sensory Bin


Will you dare to dig your hands into our Spooky Halloween Sensory Bin this Halloween?

Spooky Sensory Bin for Halloween

Once homework has been tackled and snacks have been gobbled my kids (and mum) are in need of a chill out activity. Something we can all sit down and enjoy together, as we chat about our days and talk about the all important topic – what is for tea??  A spot of colouring or play dough always goes down well, as does setting up a sensory bin to explore.

Spooky Halloween Sensory Bin

It’s impossible to walk into a store right now without coming out covered in cobwebs and spiders (well they keep finding their way into my trolley). So it was time to put all the little spooky bits and pieces that I haven’t been able to resist, to good use in a Spooky Halloween Sensory Bin.

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We used:

Spooky themed rice based sensory bin

A really handy thing to have in your sensory supplies is a pack of foil roasting trays. They are easy to store and are great for pulling out to quickly fill up with a sensory activity for your kids to play with.

We also used one in our Fine Motor Skills Pom Pom Drop Activity.

Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are all about inviting your child to freely explore their contents. They can use the tools you have laid out or just get their hands stuck in if that’s what they prefer. Talk to your kids about the different textures they can feel as they play. Which ones  they like and dislike? Chat to your younger kids about the colours and ask older kids to tell a story about the contents, they investigate the sensory bin.

I like to add in giant tweezers and scoops to our rice based sensory bins. They are a fun tool for my kids to manipulate and they are excellent for strengthening their fine motor skills.

Fine motor skills tools in a spooky halloween sensory bin

Inevitably my kids get rice all over the table and the floor. The roasting dishes go some way to contain the mess, but they are never going to keep it all in. Instead of getting mad with the kids, I get them to help me clean up afterwards. The main motivation being that we need to clear the table in time  for tea!

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Halloween sensory bin for kids

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