Haunted House and Spooky Sensory Garden


Make this Haunted House and Spooky Sensory Garden if you dare…

We’ve been busy with some more Halloween inspired arts andcrafts projects this week. I have over indulging my children with spooky themed activities to try and make up for the fact that we will not be going trick or treating this year, as we are heading abroad for the mid-term break. Thankfully though the boys will still get a chance to dress up, as their school hosts a big Halloween party on the last day of term, Phew! This does though mean thought that I still have to make one wizard and one vampire costume. I promised them hand-made costumes this year, as I have been learning to sew. Wish me luck!


Our Haunted House
 We love to craft with ordinary household materials and I always keep our “Making Box” fully stocked with items which would usually go into the recycling bin. We go through a lot of cereal in our house, so we always have lots of cereal boxes in our making box and one of these formed the basis for our Haunted House craft this week.Here’s what we did:

  •  Painted a sheet of white paper purple to use for a spooky night sky background for
    our Haunted House.
  • I cut out the shape for the Haunted House from an old cereal box. The kids then helped to paint this black. You could ask older children to draw and cut out their own haunted house templates.
  • I cut out small rectangles from the cereal box for the windows. The kids then stuck on googly eyes and drewspooky ghosts, ghouls and monsters peeping out of the windows.
  • When all the paint was dried we then glued the windows onto the house and glued
    the house onto the purple background.

Then to make our Haunted House even scarier, we decided to make a “Spooky Sensory Garden” to go with it.


 Here’s what we included: Spooky Spiders – we made them using black play dough with coloured pipecleaner’s for the legs and added on some googly eyes.

 Pungent Pumpkins – we made them using orange play dough with green pipecelaner’s for the leaves and googly eyes for their faces.
  Stinky Soil – we used the same moon sand recipe we used for our Moon-sand Mini Beaches during the summer holidays. The recipe we used was 4 parts plain flour, 4 parts wholemeal flour and 1 part baby oil.

Ghoulish Ghosts – we stuck googly eyes onto empty washed out yoghurt pots.


Grave Stones – we collected large flat pebbles from our local beach at the weekend and used black markers to add on R.I.P.

 Eyeball – this was a bouncy ball which I picked up in our local toyshop


The kids had great fun playing with this altogether at the kitchen table, but it did end up getting rather messy. But hey what’s a bit of mess when the kids are having fun?!?

Do you stress about the mess or embrace it as all being part of the fun of arts and crafts with your kids?




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  1. These look great – fun and festive! I can't wait until my Pumpkin is a bit older so we can start doing stuff like this (but right now, she'd just try to eat everything) 🙂 #MMWBH

  2. this is great and I love that you recycle your cereal boxes especially when it turns into something fun like this! I do stress with mess moreso when it's indoors. Outside then I'm ok!!

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