5 Essential Elements for a Healthy School Lunch Box


A healthy school lunch box is so important for our growing children. But are you putting the right things into yours? Find out the 5 essential elements for your child’s school lunch box.

5 Essential Elements to a Healthy School Lunch Box


The Ultimate School Lunch Box

Packing up the school lunch boxes can often feel like a chore. And as the school year goes on,  it can become harder and harder to maintain the momentum to keep them healthy, filling and interesting for your kids. BUT keep in mind how important your child’s school lunch is to keep their energy levels up, boost their immune systems and ensure kids stay focused and concentrate throughout the whole school day.

To help keep up the momentum here and stay orgnaised  I like to plan lunches out at the weekend for the week ahead and make sure that each lunch box contains the 5 essential elements listed below.

I love these Back to School Lunch Hacks from Sunny Day Family. 

5 Essential Elements for a Healthy School Lunch Box

1. Fruit and Vegetables

Adding 1-2 portions of fruit and veg to your child’s lunch box goes along way to helping them achieve their recommend 5 a day. Plus they will also help to ensure your little ones bowels keep regular and tummy’s stay fuller until home time. My kids love:

  • Carrot sticks
  • Sliced peppers
  • Cucumber
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Banana
  • Satsumas
  • Grapes
  • Berries

2. Fluids

If children aren’t adequately hydrated at school, then this will effect their concentration levels. Which can lead lead to poor performance in lessons at school. Stay away from fizzy drinks or sugar filled cordials and stick with good old water or milk. There teeth will thank you for it as well.

Healthy school lunch with pitta bread berries and carrot sticks

3. Carbohydrates

Carbs are a lunch box essential to keep kids full of energy throughout their school day. Whole-grains release energy much more slowly throughout the day and help keep kids fuller for longer, so try and use them at least 3 times a week.  Simple changes such as swapping white for brown bread once or twice a week can make a big difference. Pack:

  • Sandwiches
  • Pitta breads
  • Bagels
  • Wholemeal or Cheese scones
  • Pasta or Quinoa

4. Protein

A daily portion of protein provides essentials minerals such as Iron and Zinc, which are essential for the bodies growth and repair. Add meat such as chicken or ham to sandwiches or make egg muffins filled with spinach, cheese and peppers.

Healthy school lunch with crackers grapes and tomatoes

5. Healthy Treat

A school lunch box isn’t the place for cakes and biscuits, but it is nice for your kids to feel like they are getting a treat in their lunch box. The new Super Bites range from Good 4 U are the perfect guilt free lunch box treat and I love to add them to my kids lunch boxes a couple of times each week. They are:

  • Contain 50% less sugar  and 50% more fibre than competing brands.
  • Filled with all natural ingredients including energy boosting chia and sunflower seeds.
  • A good source of calcium and protein.
  • Free from nuts, gluten, wheat, added sugar, dairy and syrups.
  • Available in two flavours – Strawberry & Vanilla and Banana & Cocoa.

My kids really enjoy the soft texture of the Super Bites and the two yummy flavours.  There are just enough in the pack to keep them happy and not put them off eating the rest of their lunch as well. They help to provide the perfect balance between being a treat and being healthy. We will be buying them again for our school lunch boxes.

We received a some free samples of Super Bites before writing this post.

Good4u Superbites School Lunch Box Treats

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