Do your kids enjoy doing arts and crafts? But do you sometimes find it a challenge to find crafts which are suitable for all of your children to get involved in at the same time?

There are countless blogs and sites out there with endless arts and crafts ideas for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers etc but what if you have a baby, a toddler and a pre schooler who all love crafts and want to do the same thing?

My own kids aged 2,4 and 6 all share my own passion for anything which involves painting, colouring, drawing, sticking, cutting etc and each time we sit down for an arts or craft activity i try and ensure they can all enjoy the activity together but that the activity is also a big enough challenge for each of them.

A very simple example would be over the Easter holidays we have been enjoying many Easter themed activities to make a lovely Easter display in our own home. The first activity we did was to take a colouring page of a large Easter egg and i then cut the colouring page into six sections, i then gave two sections to each of my children and encouraged them to colour in their own parts of the egg and then we attached them altogther to make one large picture. This activity could be repeated many times just by using different colouring pages.