Hickory Dickory Dock Felt Learning Clock

 Use this Hickory, Dickory Dock felt learning clock to teach your kids how to tell the time.

We have joined forces with a fab team of kid’s bloggers to bring you “Rhyme Time” every second Wednesday. Each part of the series will focus on a different children’s nursery rhyme and each of the bloggers involved will be sharing an activity based on that week’s rhyme. We will be sharing arts and crafts projects, learning activities, games, messy play ideas and more.  We are kicking off the series today with “Hickory Dickory Dock.”

This is very timely for us, as my 7 year old son is doing a lot of work in school right now on learning to tell the time. He is doing really well with this, but to help make his homework that bit more fun and to encourage of bit of extra practise, I have made him a “Felt Learning Clock” for our themed activity.

How to make a Felt Learning Clock

felt clock

I choose to make our clock using the traditional brown, white and black colours of a big Grandfather Clock, which I always think of when I hear the rhyme “Hickory Dickory Dock,” but you could use any colours of felt that you have to hand.

I cut out a large circle from a sheet of light brown felt and laid this over a sheet of dark brown felt. I then cut out the individual numbers for the clock from a sheet of black felt and the clock hands from white felt.

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Hickory Dickory Dock Felt Clock Learning Games for 7 year olds

Setting the clock face – To help get familiar with a clock face place all of the numbers around the clock in random order and ask your child to place them onto the clock in the correct positions.

Telling the Time – You can either call out different times for your child to make on the clock face or you could make a selection of flashcards with different times on for them to pick from and work through.

learn to tell the time
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Hickory Dickory Dock Felt Clock games for 5 year olds

Number recognition and number ordering – My 5 year old son hates to miss out on any of activities, so I used the clock face with him to
work on basic number recognition and number ordering work.
hickory dickory dock clock

Basic telling the time –  I also started to introduce telling the time to him, by working through the 1 o’clock, 2’oclock verses of the “HickoryDickory Dock” and showing him each of these times on the clock face and then asking him to do them.

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