How to make a simple fabric christmas tree card



As well as doing arts and crafts activities with my
children, I also love to make and create things on my own, especially at this
time of year. I’m busy planning my Christmas baking and sewing projects at the
moment, some of which I will be sharing with you all here. I really want to
tackle a Gingerbread House this year and I have bought some fabric ready to
make some Christmas bunting. I also enjoy making my own greetings cards. I
certainly don’t get chance to make all of the cards that I need for family and
friends throughout the year, but I do like to make the extra effort at
Christmas.  I keep my Christmas card
designs simple and achievable, so that I can fit making them in as and when I
get a few minutes to myself. Here’s what I have been working on so far this
How to make a simple Fabric Christmas Tree card
Step 1
Cut out a template for the tree using tracing paper.
Step 2 
Pin your template onto some fabric and cut out using fabric
Step 3
Glue the fabric tree onto a blank card.
Step 4
Glue a bell onto the top of the tree or use a star sticker.
Step 5



Attach a seasonal greeting. I used pieces of ribbon with
“Merry Christmas” written through it.
You can then vary this basic design to make a “Trio of
Christmas trees” just by using a smaller template and another type of fabric to
provide a contrast.
This is a very simple card idea and if you did want to get your kids involved as well, you could cut out a few extra tree’s for them to glue onto some cards as well.Here are a few more ideas as well for creating simple Christmas cards with Christmas Tree decorations.

Over at In the Madhouse they have a lovely craft using ribbons stuck onto a a card in the shape of a Christmas Tree.

This is another great idea using ribbons, why not stick this gorgeous Stick Ribbon Tree ornament from over at Fireflies and Mudpies onto the front of a card?

Buttons are great for Christmas Trees as well. Check out these cute ideas over at iLovetoCreate