Take Back Control of your Arts and Crafts Supplies


Follow our 8 step plan to take back control of your arts and crafts supplies. You will be amazed how much more productive, efficient (and inspired) it will make your arts and crafts sessions with your kids.

how to organise your arts and crafts supplies

Our arts and crafts supplies had slowly been forging a take over of our playroom and the time had come to fight back and retain control.

Containers full of paper, boxes and cardboard tubes, felt pieces and googly eyes had spilled over in the kids play area.

Our cupboard was overflowing with unused play dough tools, open bags of rice spilling over and unwashed paint brushes.

very messy arts and crafts supplies

And the further our supplies crept over the floor, the further away my kids lept from playing in there and the further I fled from tackling the situation.

It was my husband who finally declared enough was enough and he was going to help me sort it all out. Gulp! But it was just the push I needed so we set to work together.

How to Organise your Arts and Craft Supplies

Step 1

We sorted all of the small supplies e.g. googly eyes, pom poms, buttons, beads, popsicle sticks etc and placed these into different jars and placed these up on the shelf.

We can now see what small supplies we have to work with and when they are running low and need replenishing.

organising kids arts and crafts supplies

Step 2

We sorted larger items such as cookie cutters, felt supplies, tissue paper and ribbons into shoe boxes and labelled them accordingly. Shoe boxes are great for stacking so they maximise the space on the shelves.

Step 3

We rounded up all the bottles of paint and glue and discarded the empty bottles and arranged the bottles in a tray with the part bottles to the front and full bottles towards the back.

I also collected together all of our paint brushes and soaked them in warm soapy water and dried them before placing them altogether in a tall empty hot drinks container next to the paint supplies.

how to organise arts and crafts supplies

Step 4

We had a mountain of play dough tools from sets that we have acquired over the years, many of which were broken or just not used anymore. We managed to cut this box in half , which will make it less overwhelming to the kids when they next get the play dough out.

organising kids arts and crafts supplies

Step 5

We organised all of our paper supplies. Placing the A4 sheets in a accesible box so that they kids can grab a sheet when they want and then stored the larger sheets for specific projects in our cupboard.

Step 6

We found a large container to store all recyclables for our junk modelling projects into the one place. This is great to pull out on a rainy day.

Step 7

Like us you probably have a few empty biscuit or sweet tins left over after Christmas. These are great for storing all of your pens, pencils and crayons in.

Step 8

Hide the glitter in an out of reach place.

We are delighted with the results. I just hope that we can keep it like this!

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7 thoughts on “Take Back Control of your Arts and Crafts Supplies”

    • Thanks George. Our playdough supplies had gotten way out of control but they are being used so much more now we have down sized our collection and keep them all in the one place now.

  1. I have been trying to get those craft items in order here, too! The paper was always hard for the kids to get to, now it’s in a drawer storage unit. So much easier than the box it was in before.
    It’s amazing how much craft items seem to grow…cardboard tubes and other recyclables epsecially!

    • I know what you mean Christina. It is amazing how quickly supplies build up and start to spill over. Good luck with your reorganising, keeping all of your paper together in a drawer sounds a good plan.

  2. And then, at my house, the 9th step…. Repeat! as often as necessary. It just never lasts as long as I’d like it to.

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