It’s been mid-term over here in Ireland this week and after
week filled with trips out, going on playdates, catching up with the cleaning,
referring the kids arguments, attempting to do some baking and trying to fit in
a rest, it is safe to say that we are all ready to get back to school on Monday
(well some more than others!).
We have chosen Imagination as our word of the week, as it
has been a recurrent theme running through many of our mid-term
We have:

 Taken a trip to Imaginosity 


 We enjoyed 2 fun-filled hours of full on imaginative play
here. The kid:
  • We
    shopped in the supermarket.
  • Drove
    a car.
  • Made
    burgers in the diner.
  • Operated
  • Built
    a house.
  • Played
    in a rock band.
  • Read
    the news.
  • Dressed
  • Put
    on a puppet show.
It really was a fantastic trip out and well worth the
entrance fee.

Written and performed a play


 The boys put their imaginations to good use again on Tuesday.
They wrote and performed a play for us. 
The boys:
  • Came
    up with the title – “The Magic Rainbow”
  • Decided
    on the story
  • Wrote
    the script
  • Made
    Posters and tickets
  • Created
    a huge rainbow collage to help set the scene
  • Rehearsed
  • Put
    on a great show!
Although their little sister did steal the show with her rendition
of “Let it go” to close the play. They all received a standing ovation.

Been to the Cinema

A trip out to see the new “Shaun the Sheep Movie” on
Wednesday really captured the boys imaginations. It was a great story and very
well done. It had something to please us, which is always good when sitting
through a children’s films, especially as we were right at the very front!

Did some painting

We took the paints out for an impromptu creative session on Wednesday.
Instead of working to a particular theme or outcome the kids had free reign to
paint whatever they wanted. We do love our structured arts and crafts, but it
is also great to just let them paint and see what they come up with.

    Liam created a lovely under the sea themed
    Freddie painted a house.
    Bella mainly painted her hands!
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  1. Wow, I'm really impressed! I love how imaginative all your activities were. All we managed to do is face painting, painting pictures, play-dates and board games! #wotw.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! My two adore their imaginative play, second only I think to painting and creating here. I love listening to them making up their own little worlds, so sweet. Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Wow what a lovely week you have had – love the sound of the play that your children put on for you and glad you enjoyed going to see Shaun the Sheep 🙂

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