Really Easy Kids Painting Ideas


Do your kids love to Paint? We have brought together all of our best Kids Painting Ideas to inspire you and your kids to get your paint brushes out.


Really Easy Kids Painting Ideas

Kids Painting Ideas

Painting is our go-to activity on a rainy day or when the kids are getting bored. It’s quick to set up and there are so many fun ways to paint. It can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, so it is the perfect activity to set up for kids of different ages to do together. Because let’s face it we don’t have the time (or energy) to set up a completely different activity for each of our children.

I have 3 kids (aged 4, 7 and 9) and from a very young age we have all sat down together to paint. Sometimes we just get out the brushes, paints and paper and see where they take us. Other times we sit down and concentrate on a more focused painting idea.

All of the art work you see in these posts has been done by my kids. I don’t believe in prettying them up to “make them perfect” for social media. I believe that there is nothing more beautiful than a painting that has come from your own child’s imagination and hands.

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Fun Kids Painting Ideas

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Start with out most popular easy kids painting ideas on Crafty Kids at Home so far Tape Resist Sponge Painting Activity for Preschoolers. 

It’s pouring with rain and your kids are getting bored. This can soon be fixed when you set up our Indoor Rain Painting for Preschoolers and their siblings to enjoy as well.

We really let our imaginations run free when we did this Mixed Media Canvas Art. 

Paper isn’t the only material for kids to paint on. Experiment with different painting canvases in this activity painting with q tips. 

Bringing out the Hot Glue Gun is a great way to challenge older kids. We enjoyed this Hot Glue Gun Resist Art project.

Incorporating a painting aspect into a learning activity can be a great motivator for kids. We enjoyed Exploring Symmetry with Art in this popular activity.

Paper plates are handy for pouring paint onto for kids painting session. And they are a great painting canvas as well. We have used them to paint Dr Seuss inspired Paper Plate Pets and these Crazy Spring Chicks.

Painting on Foil is the perfect quick set up activity for a rainy day. Two ideas for you to try are Painting with Q tips on Foil or if you have a Dinosaur fan in the house try this fun Dinosaur Painting on Foil activity.

Whip up this awesome Finger Painting Recipe and take your painting fun outdoors. (It’s even more fun to clean up afterwards).

Really Easy Painting Ideas for Kids

Classic Kids Painting Ideas

Think back to your own childhood for a moment. What kids painting ideas do your remember doing at school or at home? I am enjoying sharing my classic childhood painting ideas with my own kids now.

We have tried Finger Print Mirror Painting and Bubble Painting .

Sponge Painting will never go out of fashion. Our favourite project to date is our Baa Baa Sponge Painting Sheep activity.

What other classic kids painting ideas do you think we should try out?

Famous Artists Inspired Art Projects

We love to explore the work of Famous Artists in our Art Projects. It’s a great way to teach kids about Art. Plus  it encourages them to try out different painting techniques.

We have tried  a spot of  Pointillism Painting inspired by the great Georges Seurat and Paul Signac.

Enjoyed a very messy Jackson Pollock inspired Splat Painting session.

Painted Salt Dough Sculptures inspired by Niki De Saint Phalle for Father’s Day.

Who is your favourite artist?

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Bubble Wrap Painting Projects

We are a little obsessed with Bubble Wrap at Crafty Kids at Home. It makes an appearance in a lot of our projects. We like to use it in painting projects to add cool patterns to help bring our paintings to life.

We have painted Bubble Wrap Giraffe Paintings .

Made Bubble Wrap Christmas Tree Christmas Cards

A really cool kids painting idea for a pretend play activity  Bubble Wrap Autumn Trees.

Bubble Wrap Lupines are a gorgeous Flower Painting Project for kids.

And we couldn’t talk about Bubble Wrap and not mention our Bubble Wrap Jellyfish. Which combine an easy painting idea alongside some junk art.

Seasonal Painting Projects for Kids

Painting is a great evergreen activity that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. But it’s always fun to add a seasonal twist to some of our projects as well.

Paint and Print Bubble Wrap Ice-creams this Summer.

Use Potatoes to Print and Paint Pumpkins in the Fall.

You can read our ideas for Bonfire Night Painting Activities here.

Make Sponge Painted Christmas Tree Christmas Cards or paint beautiful Bubble Wrap Winter Paper Snowflakes.

Kids Painting Ideas

Benefit of Painting for Kids

We paint because we love too. It’s a fun activity to do together and a great way to keep kids busy and entertained.

It also:

  • Builds Imaginations – there is nothing better than sitting back and just seeing your child’s imagination come to life on the paper they are painting. Why not encourage them to tell stories to you and their siblings, as they paint to get even more out of the activity.
  • Develops Creativity – Watch how their ideas grow with them, as they paint more and more. Allowing your kids to develop their own creativity will help them in later life as well. It will open their minds when viewing any problems, as they look at the different options available to them to solve them.
  • Builds Self-esteem – They can enjoy instant feedback and recognition of their new skills, which can only be a good thing.
  • Provides Stress Relief – We love to paint after school when tensions can be high and tiredness is kicking in. Sitting down and feeling the brushstrokes flow through the paint helps to ease away stress and tension and calm things down a bit.

And you don’t just have to take our word for it…

“Professional educators will give you lots of different reasons as to why art is so important for our children. And I wholeheartedly support this. We have to be careful not to lose the art of appreciating art – as emphasis is increasingly placed on academic success in the literature, maths and science. Since starting Red Ted Art almost 7 years ago, I have come to realise how many parents AND teachers are a little bit scared of art. Especially, exploring art with kids. They often don’t know where to be begin and how to progress. When in fact, exploring art with kids should be an easy and fun process. Kids come with a unique perspective. You don’t have to say or do “clever things”, but simply look and enjoy. You don’t need all the answers, you just need to ask questions… let the kids’ imagination run wild. As my kids get older, I notice that they too start to “fear” art, as they are no longer allowed room for it in their lives and don’t know how to approach it. Let’s make it fun and easy again.” Maggy Woodley, Red Ted Art


I hope that we have inspired you to get painting some of these easy painting ideas with your own kids. If you would like to share photographs of your child’s art with us, then we would love to see them over on our Facebook page or drop me an email at [email protected]

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