Let’s Go Fly a Kite


Pack up a picnic and head down to the park on February 8th for National Kite Flying Day, don’t forget to bring your kite! It’s been a bit too windy for kite flying over here in Ireland so far this year, so my kids have had to be content with making a Kite Collage for now.

lets go fly a kitecollage actvity

Whenever I see a kite flying in the sky, it always takes me back to my summer holidays by the seaside. My grandparents were caravan fanatics and every summer they would take me and my sister with them up to Bridlington or Scarborough for a few days.  It was on one of these trips that my granddad bought us our first kite. We spent hours (or it seemed like it at the time) running up and down the beach trying to launch and keep our kites up in the air for more than a few seconds. It was hard work, but our competitive streak keep up striving to see who could keep their kite up in the air the longest.

How to make  Kite Collage Card


  • White card
  • Green, blue, red and yellow paper
  • Brown paper bag
  • String
  • Small bow
  • Cotton ball
  • Glue and sticky tape


materials to make a kids kite collageAhead of the activity

  • Fold a sheet of white card in half to make a card.
  • Cut out a green sheet of paper slightly smaller than the white card and a then a sheet of blue paper slightly smaller than the green sheet of paper.
  • Cut out a Kite shape from the brown paper bag.
  • Cut out small red and yellow triangles to decorate the kite.
  • Cut a small piece of string to attach the the kite.
  • Lay all of the materials out along with glue and sticky tape.

If you are doing this activity with children aged 5+  then encourage them  to do  as much of the preparation as they are able for.

Assembling your Kite Collage Card

making a kite collage card

  1. Glue down the green and then the blue sheets of paper into the centre of the white card.
  2. Before you glue down the main body of the Kite, use sticky tape to attach the string to the back of it.
  3. Glue down the kite and add on the coloured triangles to decorate it.
  4. Add a bow onto the string if you have one or use a button in its place.
  5. Finish your card off with a fluffy cotton ball cloud up in the sky.

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