Learning at Home


As we rush towards the first mid-term break of the school year, we are all starting to slow down and crave the break from our busy school routines.  We’ve all overslept at least 3 times and the walk up to school has become more of a drag up, rather than the run up of the first couple of weeks. How are you feeling? Ready for the break as well?

Learning at Home

Reflecting on Back to School Resolutions

The time has come now to reflect on the Back to school Resolutions that I set myself back at the beginning of September. Was it really such a good idea to set resolutions in September, rather than waiting for the New Year?

September ended up being a pretty overwhelming month and a very steep learning curve. Getting 3 kids settled into their new classes and catching up with the neglected household chores was only the start of it. And the time that I thought I would have now that all 3 of my kids are in school, just didn’t happen. All thoughts of long walks by the sea 3 times a week and exploring different genres of writing, have just not happened yet.

I have been attending a weekly Yoga Relaxation and Mindfulness Class. There has been a lot to learn, but it has been an amazing help to my physical and mental health. And I bought myself a Kindle, which has revolutionised my reading habits. The lure of the 99p books means that I am reading more than my usual crime thrillers and chick lit.

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NCC Home Learning: Child Psychology

I received a free subscription to the course in return for a fair and honest review.

I also enrolled on the NCC Home Learning Introduction to Child Psychology course. I felt like it was time to dust off a few brain cells and challenge myself to learn about something new. Whilst I haven’t gotten as far as I would have liked with the course so far, I have really been enjoying switching off for a while and immersing myself in a new area of study. The bonus being that I can just dip in and out as time allows and not feel the pressure of having to get it all done by a certain time.

This course studies how children think and develop their intellectual abilities. The materials contained are designed to equip learners with an extensive understanding of child psychology and explore a range of relevant subject areas such as: the study of baby development, moral development and the development of language and thought.

This course consists of 18 Modules. They are broken down into bite-sized subsections, making the course feel less overwhelming, to somebody who hasn’t undertaken any formal learning in a while. I really can just log in and complete one module when I go get a spare half an hour. There is even the option to contact a tutor for extra support and guidance should you need it.

It’s a really interesting subject to study when you have children of your own, as you have real life case studies to look at and think about as you look back at their own development.

I can’t wait to delve deeper into the course over the coming weeks and then have a go at the final exam. Once I have passed (I’m feeling positive) NCC Home Learning will send on a certificate. I already have a spot picked out at home for this. This will be a great confidence boost after being at home for so long with the kids, to have achieved something for myself will be awesome.

Would you like to learn something new? Why not head over and see what other courses they have on offer if Child Psychology doesn’t interest you.


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