Little Bo Peep: Seek and Stick the Tail on the Sheep


Poor Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep in today’s Rhyme Time activity. And when she does eventually catch up with them, they’ve left their tails behind them.

Litle Bo Peep Seek and Stick the Tail on the Sheep Game

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To help Little Bo Peep reunite her sheep with their tails, I set up the following activity for my daughter based on the traditional party game “Pin the Tail on the…” using contact paper, pom poms and cotton wool balls.

Finding Little Bo Peep’s Tails

I found some lovely big sparkly white pom poms when I was tidying up our craft supplies over the weekend. I thought that these would make ideal sheep’s tails for our game.

Middle brother was enlisted to help with hiding them. I sent him off around the garden to hide them along with some white cotton wool balls to be used for the sheep’s wool, whilst I distracted his little sister.

Once they were all hidden, Bella went off to find them. She did pretty well with this, only needing a little bit of help for the more challenging hiding places that her brother had hidden them in (he was determined not to make it too easy for her).

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Sticking the tails back on the Little Bo Peep’s  Sheep

I took a large sheet of contact paper sticky side up and attached it to our patio window using some colourful washi tape. I took a black marker and drew on 3 sheep’s bottoms, adding an X marking the spot for their tails. I also drew the outline for their legs. For the legs I added some black rectangles to her container with the pom poms and cotton balls she’d collected out in the garden. (These were soon all over the floor!).

contact paper stick the tail on the sheep game

I tried to encourage Bella to stick the sparkly pom poms onto the black X on each sheep and she did for the first one. But then she preferred to take the activity into her own hands. Sticking everything willy nilly, then taking it all off and starting over again (several times).

There should never be a right or wrong way to do an activity with a toddler though (as long as they’re not destroying anything!). I love to encourage my toddler’s independence during our activities and let her decide which direction to take it in. It’s good to have an idea yourself on how you’d like things to go, but ultimately it’s their activity and they should be free to explore it as they wish.

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