Little Tea Pot Tots Water Transfer Play

 “I’m a Little Teapot, short and stout…” Hearing this nursery rhyme always takes me back to standing in a line with my infant school classmates, singing along and doing the silly actions. Can you remember all of the moves?
little teapot water pretend play actvity

We are celebrating and sharing activity ideas for “I’m a Little Tea Pot” alongside our Rhyme Time buddies. For our activity I decided to put our little teapot to good use in a water transfer activity for my 3 year old daughter. We set up a “Little Tea Shop” for some imaginative pretend play. It worked on my toddler’s pouring skills and sneaked in some fine motor skills work.

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I had scheduled this activity for Monday morning whilst the boys were in school. We celebrated Bella’s 3rd birthday on Sunday, so after a cake-filled day of over excitement and a later than normal bedtime, this activity was perfect to help calm those post-birthday blues (also known as a huge sugar crash!). It also gave me a chance to have a good sit down after my extra busy weekend.

How to set up a “My Little Tea Pot” Tea Shop

I laid out a table cloth and set out some pieces from Bella’s little tea set.
A little teapot
2 x cups and saucers
A spoon
“Sugar Cubes” (dice)
Giant Tweezers
Small Jug

And had lots of towels on standby.

kids pretend tea set
I filled a container with warm water and added a few drops of red food colouring, along with a couple of drops of lavender oil for added calm. If I was to repeat this activity, I would try infusing a chamomile tea bag in the water for a few minutes before starting the activity.

Bella then set to work as “Head Tea Lady” serving us lots of“cups of tea”. She happily transferred water from the jug into her little teapot, then poured it out into the cups for us to“drink”. I wouldn’t really recommend actually drinking this water. She started off doing a really neat job, which I was very impressed with (note how I said started here!).

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I asked for some sugar in one of my cups of tea. I had laid out a dice to use in place of a sugar cube, along with a pair of giant tweezers for her to use to pick up the dice and plop it into the cup of water. She did this and gave it a good mix together with her spoon and then used the spoon to take the dice out of the cup. I think she decided that I had had enough sugar at the party yesterday.

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Bella then decided she had played nicely for far too long. She wanted more water to play with and she made a grab for the container I had filled earlier. Access to more water obviously lead to some overzealous pouring and a few wet puddles on the table cloth and floor.  She was having such a lovely time though filling, pouring and splashing and I was sat down with a real cup of tea by this point, so it was worth a bit of extra cleaning up effort at the end of the activity.

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